What are the Benefits of Window Replacement and Door Replacement?

New windows and doors do more than just enhance the appearance of your home! There are a number of different reasons homeowners replace their windows and doors:

  • Better safety and security
  • Lower energy bills (and better overall home efficiency)
  • More comfortable home interior year round
  • Less maintenance
  • Sound control
  • Aesthetics

Benefits of Window Replacement and Door Replacement

Both window replacement and door replacement offer a number of benefits:

Safety & Security: The safety of your windows is one of the most important parts. New windows have enhanced safety features like three-point locking systems, automatic lock options, etc. If the locks on your windows or doors are broken, an immediate repair is necessary – at the very least. In some cases, however, it may make more sense to replace them.

Lower Energy Bills: Old, drafty windows and doors can really compromise the energy efficiency of your home, easily allowing air to leak in and escape out. This can cause your energy bills to skyrocket! One of the best benefits of window replacement and door replacement is the fantastic energy savings it offers.

More Comfortable Home Interior: In addition to increasing your monthly energy bills, drafty windows and doors also affect how the inside of your house feels. Air leaks can make your home’s interior pretty uncomfortable, from drafts to uneven temperatures from room to room.

Less Maintenance: This one is geared more toward windows. Some types of windows can make cleaning and maintenance a lot easier. Double-hung windows and slider windows, for instance, are extremely easy to clean due to their design. Sometimes it takes a lot to keep your windows looking good, so many homeowners replace their windows for maintenance purposes.

Sound Control: Old windows and doors don’t offer as much sound control as newer, better insulated windows. In fact, modern windows and doors that meet (and exceed) today’s energy efficiency standards can reduce outside noises. There are even some products that are better designed to specifically offer increased energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Aesthetics: Some people get window replacement and door replacement for purely aesthetic reasons. Although there are better (and more important) reasons to replace your windows and doors, new products can truly enhance the appearance of your home. They can also boost the curb appeal and market value of your home. Old, decrepit windows and doors don’t look good, whether the paint is cracked and peeling or there is a small hole in the window pane and you need to fix the glass.

The benefits of window replacement and door replacement vary, including everything from aesthetics to maintenance to energy efficiency and much more. Contact Shanco today to learn more about window and door replacement!



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