Top Benefits of Gutter Guards

You’re probably at least somewhat aware of the important role your gutters play in protecting your home. Rain gets safely drawn off of the roof and is then deposited somewhere away from your windows, siding, and foundation.

But what about gutter guards? Are they just a simple convenience, or is something more going on there? Follow along with the specialists at Shanco while we discuss the real benefits of having your gutters equipped with guards.

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The Big Benefits of Gutter Guards

The title kind of spoils the suspense, but yes! Gutter guards do indeed do far more than just add some convenience to your life. By installing proper gutter guards, you can benefit from:

  • More effective gutters. In order for gutters to actually do their job they must remain clear and free-flowing at all times. One clod of leaves or buildup of soil means water flowing out and over the gutters and onto your garden, into your foundation, and onto your siding. Guards prevent debris accumulation, keeping your gutters secure and flowing flawlessly at all times.
  • Less overall gutter wear. One of the most common reasons to replace gutters is when they begin to show signs of rust. And rust typically only forms in one of two situations: the sheer age of the gutters, or moisture hanging around longer than it should. The second is what happens when there are no guards during a season like spring or fall. That means with the small investment of guards you can expect the gutters themselves to last years longer.
  • Fewer risks of insects and vermin. In Maryland and Virginia, birds, squirrels, and tons of insects of every kind want to make your gutters a home or safe haven. This introduces lots of additional wear, bug infestations, and the bacteria associated with droppings. How do you stop them? Block them out with gutter guards.
  • And, of course, convenience. Cleaning the gutters is kind of an awful task. It takes up a ton of time, it’s gross, and usually it means using that old rickety and unsafe ladder you never use otherwise. Guards making cleaning extremely fast and easy, and they’ll actually reduce the amount of times you need to clean the gutters throughout the year.

Quality Gutters Are the Key

There are various kinds of gutter guards, from mesh to hard sheets of metal. And then there are removable and fixed gutters, made up of all of the material types. Budget guards tend to cause more trouble than they’re worth, blocking access to the gutters when it comes time for cleaning, or lasting for far too sort a lifespan to justify the purchase. This is why when you actually want the real benefits that guards can provide, you want to work with a trustworthy contractor that offers quality guards.

Gutter Guards and Gutter Services in MD, VA, and Washington, DC

Looking for contractors that can offer you all of the perks that proper guards can provide? Contact Shanco! Our gutter and roofing teams offer top-class picks like Ply Gem Leaf Relief™ gutter guards, so you know you’re getting the best in the business both in services and products. Contact us online now to find out more, or to schedule a consultation!




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