Foolproof Ways to Keep Your Gutters Clear

With fall in full swing and winter right on its heels, you may notice a spot of trouble keeping your gutters clear of gunk and debris. Frustrating, yes? Worry not, the specialists at Shanco have you covered, with a fresh new post dedicated solely to addressing the issue of keeping your gutters clear!

At Shanco, we know gutters. Our experts have been handling the repair, maintenance and installation of them for years, so take a leaf from our book to keep your gutters clean, clear and operating optimally.

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Gutter Maintenance: What You Should Be Doing

Unfortunately, there is a measure of labor involved in keeping your gutters clear. But trust us, these tips pay off, adding longevity and efficiency to your gutters that can save you a bundle of money and stress both.

  • Remove clumps. A gutter can process small amounts of detritus. Maybe a few leaves, or a bit of silt and shingle runoff. but large clumps of dead foliage, rot build-up, and plants growing can create a huge stress on your gutters and render them practically useless. Remove these before the problems begin to mound up!
  • Trim back branches. Tree branches that extend to your roof are a bad accident waiting to happen. They can break and damage your gutters and roof pretty badly, and even if they stay intact, the leaves and twigs they shed will clog your gutters. Remove them yourself, or better yet, have a professional do it. Roofs can be an unsafe place!
  • Maintain gutters. Rust buildup can create clogs, and worse yet can render your gutters absolutely useless. Have small patches addressed as soon as you spot them.

Another Layer of Protection: Less Stress with Gutter Guards

You’ve likely heard us sing the praises of gutter guards in the past (And if you haven’t, we have an entire post dedicated to them). Trust our team when we say, gutter guards are one of the absolute number one investments you can make for your home, regardless of time of year! They provide your gutters with an excellent layer of protection, allowing them to keep your foundation secure, your roof in strong condition, and your yard from flooding.

Gutter guards also help avoid pesky vermin and insects, both of which would love nothing more than to seek refuge from the coming winter in your gutters.
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