A New Buyer’s Home Improvement Checklist

As long-standing home service specialists, our team knows what makes a house a home. So, today we want to go into detail on what you should be checking for before you make your big move. Together we’ll identify important home structure needs and help you to address any that don’t meet your desires!

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New Home Purchase Checklist

In order for a home to hit the market, it has to go through a fairly rigorous inspection in order to ensure structural integrity, as well as to assign the home’s value. But as thorough as these inspections typically are, sometimes things get lost along the way. Be sure to check these areas of a new home before purchasing:

  • The roof. A leaky or shoddy roof can lead to tons of unanticipated water damage, as well as high heating and cooling costs. That’s why you should be sure to check the age of the roof, the materials, and, if possible, get up there to check for missing shingles or loose seams.
  • All of the windows. Yes, all of them! A busted window latch means the home is not secure and safe. A good once over to ensure all windows slide easily and all locks engage correctly can really pay off.
  • Doors and door frames. Though fairly easy to address, the health of the door is important too. Pay particular attention to the frame, since it’s harder to replace and accounts for quite a bit of home efficiency and security. Any splintering or misalignment needs to be addressed.
  • The siding. Similar to the roof, determine the age of the siding and the materials if at all possible. Also, look out for mold, rot, and signs of peeling or bulging. If the siding needs to be repaired or replaced, it’s going to add a lot of stress to your move!

Home Improvement Checklist

Does the house have some problems, but you’re still in love? No problem! If you’re looking to change out your old faucet for a better one, use this list to see what the top designs are at the moment – https://www.identifyr.com/home/kitchen/best-kitchen-faucets/. With top-class home specialists on your side, making some improvements can be fast and easy. However, you will want to account for any additional costs, seeing as you’re making quite the investment at the moment. When planning home improvements be sure to prepare by:

  • Creating a list of wants and needs. Some move-in home improvements are a must have, like the roof, while others might be just nice to have, like skylights and even home entertainment systems. Identify these features and then move forward. Perhaps something like Colorbond Sheds from Outdoor Steel Solutions would make for the perfect addition to your home.
  • Forming a budget. Create a comfortable but firm budget with the help of your contractor.
  • Consulting professionals. Find home service specialists near you and have a good sit down to discuss your wants, needs, and budget. From there they can build a plan that works best for your unique situation.

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