Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior for Halloween

Halloween season is here, bringing beautiful fall weather and festivities along with it! But is your home’s exterior ready to play host to the increased traffic and activity in your Maryland neighborhood? Maintaining, updating and improving your home not only provides an aesthetic appeal, but can save you tons of trouble as this colder season sets in.

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Home Exterior Services You Should Consider

Choosing the right set of services can provide you with a number of benefits, and our experts are here to outline a few of the best, including:

  • Spruce up your siding. Siding and trim play a huge role in improving curb appeal, but also provide practical benefits as well. Updated siding can have a dramatic impact on the energy efficiency of your home, and can save you money and stress in the long run!
  • Get right with your gutters. Ensuring your gutters are rust-free and ready to fend off falling leaves improves your chances of avoiding costly clogs and insect infestation. Consider the use of gutter guards to block falling foliage, and if you spot some rust on your gutters, contact a professional to ensure you don’t need a full replacement!
  • Get roof repair. Early fall is the best time to seek out a full roof inspection. The coming winter can plague your roof with some serious issues, including overloading from heavy snowfall, water damage and possible cracking or tearing.
  • Evaluate your windows. Does your home use double, or triple-pane windows? If not, now might be the time to look into them! These types of windows can save you loads on heating this Winter, and provide defense against our occasionally chaotic late-season weather.

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Do-It-Yourself Tips for Homeowners

There are a few steps you can take yourself to be prepared for this fall, such as:

  • Clear dead or weak branches. Tree branches that hang over your roof or gutters can pose a threat to your home. Should they become overexerted and break, they can cause some real damage. Clear these before frost sets in!
  • Remove debris. During fall, yard debris and detritus can cause some trouble down the line. Removing these improves your home’s ability to maintain itself properly, and avoids potential risks.
  • Check for damage. A full inspection by a professional is always best, but keep an eye out for cracks, dents and rends in your roofing, siding and gutters. These get much worse with colder weather, and can become a very real problem later in the season that may expose your home to elemental hazards.

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