Home Storm Damage to Look Out for in Rockville, MD

Montgomery County, Maryland—and the Rockville area in particular—are usually hit hard by storms every spring. With spring showers frequently sweeping through the area it’s difficult to predict:

  • When the next big storm will come through, and
  • Whether your home will be affected

If a storm has recently passed through your area, here’s what you need to know about pursuing storm damage repair.

Damage Caused by Spring Storms

Storms can wreak havoc on your home—especially if you live in a highly populated area like Rockville where homes are close together. Severe damage requires immediate attention to prevent other problems from developing the next time bad weather rolls around. To avoid the negative consequences of ignoring storm damage, you should treat the following problems very seriously:

  • Hail damage: Large hail stones can lead to damaged shingles, leaky roofs, broken skylights and dented siding.
  • Wind damage: High winds can rip shingles from the roof and separate gutters from the siding. In particularly violent situations, wind can even break windows.
  • Fallen trees: If wind sends branches blowing around or fells an entire tree on top of your house, the roof could be seriously compromised. A large enough tree could cause more than just roof damage—it could break your windows.
  • Flooding: Water can enter your home through the window wells and flood the basement. Belongings there, including furniture and carpeting, may be permanently damaged if you don’t immediately address the problem.
  • Other water damage: Water can infiltrate other areas of your home during a storm as well. A leaky roof may allow water to enter the attic. Windows and doors with poor seals may let small amounts of rain inside. Such small levels of water infiltration may not seem serious, but the resulting mold growth could render attic insulation useless or force you to replace your windows prematurely.

What to Look For

Did your home sustain damage in the most recent storm? Some problems are easy to see while others are hidden. Here’s what to look for:

  • Signs of roof damage: Missing, dented or cracked shingles, dented gutters, granules collecting in the gutters, water damage in your attic or debris on the roof.
  • Signs of siding damage: Dings, dents, cracks, holes, chipping or discoloration.
  • Signs of window damage: Shattered windows, cracked panes or damaged frames.
  • Signs of basement damage: Soggy carpet, water lines on the wall or a moldy smell.

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Storm Damage Repair in Rockville, MD

Whatever type of damage your home has sustained, you can’t ignore it; you could compromise your home’s structural integrity or indoor air quality if you do. Strive to have storm damage repair complete before bad weather rolls around again.

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