Metal roofs bring a lot of benefits, including energy-savings and high resistance to many forms of damage among other things. But if your metal roof isn’t properly ventilated, you could be losing out on all of these and more. Follow along with the experts at Shanco to learn more about proper roof ventilation.

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What Is Roof Ventilation?

Speaking plainly, roof ventilation is the process of ensuring adequate and healthy air flow within and without your roof. This is done in a variety of ways, including through traditional static ventilation, the use of attic ventilation methods including static and van ventilation, and through various other processes that can be unique to your local climate.

Why Is Metal Roof Ventilation Important?

The purpose of roof ventilation changes in some ways according to where you live and local temperatures. In cold climates, roof ventilation reduces the risks of developing ice dams and damaging ice that can lead to roof damage. In warmer climates, roof ventilation both alleviates high in-home temperatures and reduces the risks of rot and mold growth.

For homeowners seeking metal roof installation in Gaithersburg, both of these points are important as we experience chilly winters and abundantly warm summers. So let's sum up:

Roof Ventilation Benefits Your Home By:
  • Reducing the risks of ice dams. Proper ventilation and air flow stops ice from forming on your roof, which left alone can accumulate into ice dams and can also get jammed into metal shingles and the vulnerable areas between seams.
  • Reducing harmful moisture build up. Moisture control in hot weather reduces the risks of mold and mildew growth, and also removes a portion of risk associated with rot. This not only protects and preserves your metal roof, but reduces the chance that you’ll incur in-home mold as well.
  • Reducing in-home temperatures in summer. Hot air travels upward; a fact we’re all well aware of. But if your metal roof is not properly ventilated, that hot air will become trapped in your attic, building up into a bubble of insufferable heat that will put pressure on your heating system and increase the temperature in your home.
  • Reduces energy costs. For the same reasons stated above, proper ventilation will reduce the workload on your air conditioning system, meaning it will have to work less to achieve the same results. This means less energy use, and more dollars in your pocket!

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