Do you have a handyman (or woman) in your house?  From clearing blocked gutters to building a new shelving unit, your handyman is great to have around. Show some love by taking advantage of the after-holiday sales and buying one of these tools for 2017.

1. Miter Saw

A miter saw is the best and fastest way to create crosscuts and angle cuts. Even if your handyman is not a woodworker, there are many DIY projects that require precise angled or cross cuts. From cutting trim to put around windows to creating tight corners for a woodworking project, this tool is definitely one that will be appreciated.

2. Brad Nail Gun

Let's face it, nailing by hammer and hand is tedious and time consuming, and in some applications, like roof repair, it can be dangerous. Some jobs even make the angle impossible to get a hammer into the space. A brad nail gun shoots nails into place in seconds, ensuring a tight project and professional finished look. Keep in mind that a nail gun requires an air compressor to run, so you may need to splurge on two items in the after-holiday sales.

3. Angle Square

If you're strapped for cash after the holidays, a speed square is a great choice. Less than $10, but still quite essential, a speed square helps the handyman make quick cuts at just the right angle by marking straight, measured line. An angle square is sometimes known as a Speed Square, though that is a name brand for a product made by several manufacturers.

4. Oscillating Tool

An oscillating tool uses side-to-side movement to allow for precision sanding or sawing even in tight spaces. The oscillating tool can shave off the edge of a cabinet or a piece of trim that isn't lined up quite right easily and quickly. It can be fitted with sandpaper for fast, electric sanding as well. This is a tool that offer quite a bit of variety in what it can do, so it's well worth the investment.

5. Gutter Cleaning Tool

Hiring a roofing company to install new gutters after the old, blocked gutters finally fail can be an unexpected expense. Make gutter maintenance easier for the handyman with a gutter cleaning tool. Several tools that reach the gutters without the need to get up on a ladder will make this annual maintenance task much easier, and help prevent the damage that comes with blocked gutters at the same time.

Remember, having a handyman in your life is beneficial. It helps you save your money on professional service calls for those instances when you clearly need a pro. So why not reward the handyman in your life and take advantage of after-holiday sales?