A green house with the installation of new GAF charcoal shingles.

Many people believe that when you become a homeowner, you have achieved one of the biggest goals a person can accomplish. Owning your own home comes with many responsibilities that a new homeowner may never have considered. No more calling your landlord when something breaks; everything is your responsibility now, including knowing about your roof. We are going to answer some of the more commonly asked questions that homeowners have regarding their roofs.   

How Long Does It Take to Install a New Roof 

This question depends on just a couple of variables that could change the projected finish time, but not by much. It comes down to how much manpower is available for the job, the weather, and how experienced the crew is. With an experienced crew, it should take between one to three days.   

What Are the Signs I Need a New Roof? 

You can start by heading up to your attic with a flashlight and checking for a few things there. If you see sunlight seeping in from your roof, then you have holes that need to be taken care of. Look around the area and see if you notice any stains or discoloration; this means that you have a leaking issue and, in fact, could use a new roof.  

Also, climb up to your roof and do a visual inspection along the exterior of your roof. If you notice any damaged or warped shingles or visible holes or damage to your roof, you may want to consider a  roof replacement

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for a New Roof Installation? 

You can start by checking your roof for any hazards or things that might get in the way of the roofers. Look around your yard and see if any items could be in harm's way. Patio furniture or kid's yard toys can be damaged by debris being tossed below. If you have anything important stored in your attic, make sure that it is protected or removed. Contractors will be walking across your roof, and using nail guns, although the chance is slight that a foot or errant nail could find its way through your roof. Lastly, be a good neighbor; notify your surrounding neighbors that you will be getting your roof replaced and that there will be extra noise in the neighborhood. 

How Long Will a New Roof Last? 

That all depends on the materials that you use for your roof installation.  

The asphalt shingles are between 20 to 25 years before needing to be replaced again. A new roof is a prime example of getting what you pay for, and the more you are looking to spend, the longer your life expectancy will be. 

How Do I Choose the Best Roofing Contractor? 

Do your homework, ask questions, and do some research. Call your local roofing companies and compare them; many offer free consultations and estimates, so take advantage of that. Look into the reviews, specifically through word of mouth, and be wary of too many five-star reviews you may see on the internet. The most honest reviews you will get are from previous customers. If you can peruse your local area and see if anyone is getting a new roof installed, drive slowly through the site and observe if you are successful in finding something.  

Look how they treat the customer's yard and roof; if they seem too nonchalant about the job, consider another roofing company.   

Hopefully, these answered all the questions that you may have. It may sound like a significant endeavor when you need your roof replaced, but it will be a breeze when you have the right roofing company.