Roof Repair After the 2016 Blizzard: What to Do and How to Do It

We all love a white winter, but as the residents of Maryland can attest, sometimes you get a little more than you bargained for! As the winter season makes up for lost time, you may be noticing some critical issues cropping up with your roof. Don’t let it stress you! These issues require your attention, to be sure, but with the expert assistance of Shanco, we can have you recovering and warding off the worst in no time!

Did the blizzard do damage to your roof beyond what you can manage alone? Fear not, our certified experts stand ready to assist! We offer the very best in roof repair, and an expert opinion and assessment with Shanco is only a click or call away!

Roof Repair Basics: Assessment

Before you can do much of anything, it’s important to know where the damage (or potential damage) lies. Check these areas for roof damage:

  • Gutters. If your gutters are sagging, or bent, it’s time to call in for some professional repair! Sagging represents potential harm due to an overload of snow and ice, and can lead to bending, or even fallen or busted gutters.
  • Shingles. If applicable, your shingles should be inspected for cracks or breaks that may lead to leaking or further roof harm.
  • Locate roof leaks. If you have an attic, the best way to locate a leak lies in there. Carefully inspect for water damage, water spots, dark patches and drips in high light. Be sure to listen as well. Sometimes your ears can tell you what your eyes can’t. Without an attic available, keep an eye on the ceiling and walls of your home.  Dark spots and water damage are a clear indicator of leaks, as well as damaged shingles or roofing materials.
  • Locate ice dams. Ice dams can cause serious long-term harm to your roof if left alone. If any are present, they need to be handled right away.

Roof Repair: Addressing Immediate Threats

Once you’ve found all of the potential damage, first decide if you need the assistance of a professional. Remember that roof repair can be intensive, and in snowy conditions it can be dangerous. If you’re not equipped to handle the work ahead, we are! Address damage by:

  • Remove damaged limbs. Hopefully you trimmed back any potentially dangerous limbs before the season started. If not, check for cracked, bending or damaged limbs and remove them (or have them removed). These pose a very real threat to your roof!
  • Remove ice dams. Using either a gentle heat source or a roof rake, be sure to remove all ice dams. left alone, these can destroy gutters, and even the roof itself! Do not use heavy tools like hammers, or power tools on an ice dam. If you want a more in-depth guide, we posted one recently. Take a look here!
  • Address structural damage. If damaged shingles or roofing materials are present, contact a professional immediately. A damaged roof can lead to a very wide variety of issues, and future snow can add weight that can trigger a roof collapse!
  • Dealing with roof leaks. If you’re in a pinch, and water is flowing steadily, a bead of water-resistant caulk might do you over until a professional can get to it, but this needs to get addressed right now. Leaks can cause irreparable damage to your roof, and to your home.

Winter Roof Repair with Shanco

Don’t let the storms dampen your spirits! Contact Shanco today to learn more about how you can keep your roof in the best shape possible, or to set an appointment for repair!



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