Is it Time for a Roof Replacement?

If you’ve recently experienced roof damage due to weather or lack of maintenance, you may be wondering whether a simple roof repair will do the trick or if you need a complete roof replacement.&<

Whether you need a section of your roof replaced or an entire roof replacement in Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia, call Shanco Companies!  After looking at your damaged roof (during our free inspection), we can tell you if a repair will suffice or whether it’s time for a roof replacement.


Common Causes of Roof Damage

There are several different ways your roof can get damaged, including:

Weather – roofs are commonly damaged in extreme weather conditions such as heavy winds, rain, snow and hail.  Every roofing material out there is susceptible to wind and hail damage, so this is obviously beyond your control and there is no tried and true protection method.  However, roofs exposed to air pollutants (carbon monoxide, lead, particulate matter, etc) and industrial environments tend to deteriorate faster.  Also keep in mind that inorganic roofing material generally deteriorates slower than organic material.

Lack of maintenance – when is the last time you inspected your roof or your yard and house for possible roof damage? Roofing maintenance is particularly important when it comes to ensuring your roof is in the best condition possible. Not identifying minor roof deterioration early on may be one of the most common causes of roof problems; roofing issues never fix themselves.

Roof damage due to fire, severe weather (tornadoes, hurricanes or heavy rain and hail) or serious lack of maintenance usually calls for a roof replacement – or, at the very least, a section of the roof replaced!

How to Check for Roof Damage

A roof inspection – both exterior and interior – is the first step in deciding whether you need a roof replacement or not.

Check outside for:

  • Missing shingles (caused by heavy winds)
  • Buckling or curled shingles (buckling may be caused by the roof deck shifting; curled shingles are caused by excess water absorption)
  • Missing granules (several granules may be loose after application, which is normal; however, when it comes to aging shingles, missing granules may be a sign that your roof is at the end of its life and you need a roof replacement)
  • Rotting (caused by excess moisture; this occurs more frequently with organic materials)
  • Algae development (this commonly occurs in warm, humid areas)
  • Damaged flashing (especially around the chimney)

Check inside for:

  • Ceiling spots (caused by roof leaks)
  • Outside light that is visible through the roof (this may not be problem, however, if you have a shake roof since the wooden shakes swell during the wetter months)
  • Water stains on the ceiling (your roof could be leaking)
  • Dark spots in the wood (in your attic), particularly around chimneys and vents (test dark spots in the wood with a screwdriver – and if it’s wet, this means you probably have a leaking problem!)
  • Deteriorated decking or decking that sags between the rafters (this is sometimes seen in the exterior inspection; if you see this, you probably need a new roof, not just a repair)

Any of these signs could be indicative of a serious problem that can be fixed with a roof replacement. The age of your roof is also a factor.  If your roof is over 15 years old, consider getting a roof replacement.  But before you decide to repair your roof or get a new one, contact professional roofing contractors in the area.  They can tell you for sure whether you need a repair or a roof replacement – you don’t want to spend the money on a replacement only to find out you didn’t really need it!

If you’re wondering, “do I need a new roof?” but aren’t 100% sure, contact the roofing experts at Shanco Companies.  When it comes to your roof, nothing is more important than peace of mind that it is of the utmost quality and durability – and that’s where we can help!  Contact us for any roof replacement need you have in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC area.



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