Don’t Put Off Fixing Your Damaged Gutters!

It’s easy to forget how important your gutters and downspouts are until something goes wrong with them. Leaks, mold and mildew buildup, and even foundation damage are all results of gutter damage left unchecked. Are your gutters ready for a rainy spring? If you’re not sure, take a moment to walk around your home and assess the condition of your gutters.

If the gutters are dented, rusted, clogged with leaves or separating from the roof, they probably leak water every time it rains. This may not seem like a big deal, but leaky gutters can cause serious damage.

Are your gutters damaged? Contact Shanco for gutter repair or replacement before the damage extends to your roofing and siding!

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Fixing Damaged Gutters

Roof Damage

If the problem requiring gutter damage repair causes the water to back up onto the roof, the shingles could become soggy and separated and start to leak. In cold weather, standing water on the roof forms ice dams, which can be so detrimental that you may need an entire roof replacement.

Siding Damage

Gutters catch water as it drips off your roof and channel it down a spout. However, damaged gutters allow water to run down the sides of your home, potentially rotting wood siding or promoting mold growth, either of which can damage your home’s structural integrity.

Foundation Damage

Downspouts direct water from the roof away from the foundation. If damaged gutters start leaking, water streaming down the siding will eventually reach the foundation. There, it can cause the foundation to crack. If this occurs, sections of your home could start to collapse.

Basement Leaks

Even if the worst-case scenario of a cracked foundation doesn’t happen, water pooling around your home could trickle down into the basement, damaging the walls or flooring there. A wet basement is the perfect place for mold to grow, which introduces allergens to your home and affects indoor air quality.

Sidewalk, Driveway and Patio Damage

The extra water pouring onto cement sidewalks and driveways can create added wear and tear, causing them to develop cracks and pits. In cold conditions, melted snow from the roof can drip from damaged gutters and form ice on walkways, creating a safety hazard. Wood patios are also susceptible to damage from leaky gutters.

Drowned Landscape

In many cases, downspouts are directed to nearby gravel or sandy areas to help rainwater soak naturally into the ground. If your gutters are dented, clogged, or bent from damage, leaks could overwater the landscape and lead to soggy patches and harmed plants.

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Damaged Gutter Repair and Replacement in MD, VA & DC

Spring is the rainiest time of year in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia. Every time it rains, your damaged gutters could lead to other problems across your property. Don’t delay damaged gutter repair! Contact Shanco to set up a visit from a gutter repair specialist.



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