Why Are My Windows So Cold?

Are the windows in your Maryland home generating a considerable draft, or are they cold to the touch? If so, it might be time to consider upgrading to double-paned windows. Want to know why those single-pane or outdated windows feel so cold, and why a double-pane doesn’t share this common flaw? If so, follow along with the experts at Shanco!

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Why Are Those Single-Pane Windows So Cold?

If you live in, or have even been inside, an old home with the original windows intact, you’ve experienced some glass that can be downright icy to the touch. They reason for this? Well, honestly speaking, older windows—and particularly those that feature a single pane of glass—just don’t really insulate all that well.

Windows can be great for many reasons, whether you’re looking for more natural lighting, enjoy a great outdoor view, or want to add some decorative touches. But unless they’ve been designed for it, they can create a lot of challenges when it comes to comfort and energy-efficiency. It essentially comes down to a lack of insulation. Glass insulates to a minor degree on its own, but it isn’t really enough to overcome the natural pull/push of a warm home versus a cold outside.

So what’s the remedy to this? Get insulated windows–or even better, go for double-paned windows!

Why Double-Paned Windows Work

The difference can’t really be that big, can it? After all, it’s just two panes instead of one! Well, if that were the case, you wouldn’t be too far off the truth. Just another pane of glass would only do so much, and the difference would be minimal. However, that’s not all there is to it! Between those two panes of glass there is an inert gas filling the space, usually argon, that acts as an additional insulator.

This works because still air is actually a very strong insulator on its own. Due to the fact that its molecules are so far spread out, it doesn’t allow for much thermal energy movement through it, and so argon, a safe, dense, and inert gas, is chosen to fill the space between the panes. This makes them many, many times more effective at keeping the cold out of your home and off of the indoor glass!

Double-Paned Windows with Shanco in Rockville

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