10 Signs You Need Window Replacement

Now that winter is over, it’s important to make sure your windows are in good shape and won’t reduce your home’s energy efficiency during the warm season. Do your windows look good or do you think it may be time to replace them?

If you need to replace your windows, make sure the installation is done correctly – find a reputable home improvement company near you. If you need window replacement in Rockville, MD or any other Montgomery County city, Shanco Companies has you covered! We have replaced hundreds of windows in the Maryland and Washington, DC area.


Do You Need Window Replacement?

First things first – how do you know when it’s time to for window replacement? If you’re wondering, “When should I replace my windows?” there are several indications you need to replace your windows.

Sign #1 You Need Window Replacement: Broken Glass

Clearly, if you see broken glass or any other physical fault, your windows need to be repaired at the very least. If the glass on your window shatters for seemingly no reason, it may be due to shifting and your house settling. Possibly the glass was installed too big for the opening and the pressure caused it to break.

Sign #2 You Need Window Replacement: Problems with the Pane

If your window pane is chipped or cracked, it may be a sign you need to replace your windows. Problems with your window pane can arise from natural shifting and settling, but it can also be a result of incorrect installation. We can’t stress enough the importance of finding reputable window contractors!

Sign #3 You Need Window Replacement: Inability to Open

One of the most frustrating window problems is faulty operation. If your window won’t open or you have to go through hoops just to slide it up, it’s probably time for new windows! The performance of your windows will inevitably decrease as they age, and at a certain point it’s better to replace them than opt for a repair.

Sign #4 You Need Window Replacement: Springs

If your windows can’t stay open on their own and you need to prop them open with something, they’re no longer in good working condition. There could be a problem with the springs, and although a repair may suffice, it’s usually financially wiser to go ahead and replace your windows, especially if you’ve had them for a long time.

Sign #5 You Need Window Replacement: Caulk Corrosion

Corrosion of your window caulking is a bad sign. If you don’t take action immediately, mold, rot and condensation will settle in! If your caulking is corroding, be careful cleaning it because you could end up doing more damage. It’s recommended to call professional window contractors before any other damage occurs.

Sign #6 You Need Window Replacement: Leaks

Windows contribute to approximately 10% of air leakage in homes! A handy trick: hold up a lit candle near the edge of your closed window (inside your home) and slowly trace the entire frame. If the flame flickers or goes out, something isn’t right, and you may need window replacement.

Sign #7 You Need Window Replacement: Frost or Condensation Buildup

If your windows get a wet or frosty glaze, they aren’t airtight, and your best bet is replacing them with more energy efficient windows. However, there could be other factors involved, such as poor ventilation, insufficient amounts of insulation or window seal failure.

Sign #8 You Need Window Replacement: Discomfort

If the glass on the interior pane of your windows feels warm to the touch in the summer and cold to the touch in the winter – or if it’s colder next to your windows than it is in the rest of your home, you need to replace the windows. Though it could indicate a lack of insulation, it could also mean your windows are drafty. If the latter is the case (and our window contractors will be able to tell you!), window replacement is the way to go.

Sign #9 You Need Window Replacement: Old Age

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to get around this one. Your windows, just like everything else, get old and their performance and reliability decrease with age. If you’ve had your windows for 20 years, it’s probably time for a replacement. This is not to say all windows fail after 10 or 15 years; according to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), some windows can last up to 50 years! Factors that influence the durability of your windows include quality of construction, frame material, climate, maintenance and more.

Sign #10 You Need Window Replacement: Appearance

Clearly, if there are physical problems with your window (chipped trim, cracked pane, broken glass, etc.) replacement should be considered. But another good reason to replace your windows is if you’re unhappy with them! If you want to replace your double hung windows in the kitchen with beautiful bay windows, you should. Windows are a huge part of a home’s appearance, and you should be completely happy with yours – not to mention window replacement enhances both the value and beauty of your home (on the inside and outside).

When it comes to window replacement, no job is too big or too small for Shanco – we want to be your go-to window contractors in Maryland! Contact us today if you’re having problems with your windows.



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