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Do You Need a Gutter Guard?

Many home owners in Potomac and Gaithersburg, MD excel on the major upkeep of their home’s roofing, and interior. Sometimes, the less noticeable but very important details of home maintenance get neglected with damaging results.

One such area of neglect can be the gutter system. Without spring and fall inspection, cleaning and maintenance, blocked gutters can result in a system that:

  • Leaks and pools water along home foundations
  • Corrodes and bends
  • Drips water on landscape plants, trees, shrubs, and lawns, causing soil erosion and damage to greenery
  • Rots wooden fascia boards and eaves
  • Erodes foundations and puts pressure on exterior walls and floods basements
  • Causes mold and mildew growth, and stains painted surfaces, siding and concrete

In addition, blocked gutters can cause ice to accumulate along the roof’s edge. Called an ice dam, this frozen water forces its way under the first course of roof shingles, eventually seeping water into crawl spaces, down walls and onto ceilings. This damage is quite common in Potomac and Gaithersburg, and sometimes isn’t discovered until spring.

Enter the gutter guard.

Made of vinyl or aluminum, a gutter guard keeps leaves and debris out of the gutters and can be installed by an experienced Gaithersburg or Potomac home improvement and repair service like Shanco. After visual inspection at roof level and cleaning of  home gutters and downspouts, the professional installer places the lengths of mesh or perforated metal or vinyl (depending on brand) over the top of the gutter, securing them in place.

We are a fan of Leaf Relief™ gutter guards. This gutter guard system:

  • Is compatible with all roof systems
  • Is an affordable option
  • Has patented Aluma-Perf™ Technology—perforated holes that can keep out small debris like pine needles, seeds, etc.
  • Can drain over 300 inches of water per hour
  • Adds durability to any gutters
  • Seamlessly integrates with your gutters (and it is undetectable from the ground)
  • Is backed by a 10-year product warranty

Some manufacturers offer simple vinyl rolls or brushes which are placed right in the gutter. These tend to be less effective than guards which actually cover the entire system but are more cost-sparing.

Shanco Can Help Protect Your Gutters With Leaf Relief™ Installation in Gaithersburg or Potomac, MD

Shanco wants to help Potomac and Gaithersburg area homeowners maintain the beauty, value and integrity of their residences. Leaf Relief guards keep gutters clean and add a measure of strength to any gutter system, helping it to last longer. Also, Leaf Relief is affordably priced and hardly noticeable from ground level.

Top-rated by and Angie’s list, Shanco would be happy to talk with you about ways to protect your biggest investment—your home. Gutter guards are just one of the many quality products we offer. And, we take pride in our great customer service and excellent workmanship.

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