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For many homeowners, common concerns include keeping energy costs down, staying comfortable, and keeping the home in good shape. Peripheral concerns, like lead poisoning, likely barely register on your radar. But, to trained professionals, lead poisoning is as real a threat as storm damage or an electrical hazard! Lead poisoning is a very real threat even in modern homes, which is why we take great care in providing completely lead-safe services to our Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia clients.

Shanco has been offering top class products and services to clients for decades! We always want to ensure your home is both secure and safe, so we put our best efforts forward in helping you to eliminate and prevent any presence of lead.

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What Is a Lead-Safe Contractor?

From a certification standpoint, being lead-safe requires certification from the EPA. Becoming certified includes consistent and ongoing training in both lead-safe building and service practices, as well as learning the risks, causes, sources, and symptoms of lead poisoning. This certification is not actually required for licensed contractors, but it is absolutely something you should be certain to seek out when looking for siding services, painting crews, or other home service experts.

At Shanco, we are proudly lead-safe certified by the EPA! It’s just one more way we can ensure the safety of our clients, and we’re glad to offer our complete lead-safe solutions and services to clients.

The Risks of Lead Poisoning  

How serious is lead poisoning? It’s very serious, actually. Much of the trouble comes from the fact that lead poisoning is difficult to detect in the early stages and most typically comes as a result of months or years of lead content buildup in the body. This means many folks don’t get treatment soon enough, leading to a plethora of health risks.

Health risks include mood changes, blood pressure problems, joint pain, muscle pain, reproductive abnormalities, and headaches—among others. In other words, it’s not something to take lightly.

Lead is most typically found around the home in:

  • Lead-based paint. The older your home is, the more likely that paint based in lead was used.
  • Soil. Lead dust can be present in soil around old construction sites, aged manufacturing facilities, and even playgrounds.
  • Home construction products. Many types of piping, siding, solder, and other common household constructs can carry lead.

Lead-Safe Home Services in DC, MD & VA

At Shanco, the only thing we take more seriously than the quality of our service is the safety of our clients. We want you to be secure in your choice of service providers, and we want you to know when you’re working with pros that put you first. That’s why we maintain our certification for lead-free service, and why we offer lead inspections on top of our home services.

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