Roof Cupolas: Adding Distinct Style & Functionality to Your Home

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Do you want a roof that is functional and also adds distinct style to your home? Consider installing a roof cupola! Cupolas, traditionally used as look-out towers (many, many years ago) and then for ventilation purposes, are becoming increasingly popular – not just for their functionality but for decorative architecture as well!

If you are interested in adding a cupola to your roof in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area, call Shanco Companies today! Roof cupolas are great not only for your home, but for gazebos, sheds, barns and other structures as well.

Typically, roof cupolas have a solid wood base that can be cut to match your roofline, with an upper half that has a slatted area – some are square, some hexagonal or octagonal and others are rounded at the top. House, shed and barn cupolas are sometimes topped with a weathervane or finial. Finials are spear-like structures (think of the top of the Empire State Building) while weathervanes are more custom and can be anything from arrows, banners and boats to animals and religious symbols (you have probably seen a cross on top of a church’s roof cupola).

Don’t have a roof cupola and are on the fence about getting one? There are several benefits of installing a roof cupola, including:

  • Functionality – a roof cupola acts as a great ventilation system, helps you save money and protects your roof from severe weather/extends the life of your roof.
  • Value – the addition of a roof cupola can add to the value of your home
  • Low-maintenance and durable qualities – a roof cupola doesn’t need to be painted and it is built to last; copper cupolas are particularly durable.
  • Uniqueness – a roof cupola makes your house stand out in your neighborhood

Roof Cupolas are Highly Functional and Elegant

What’s better than a roofing element that is both functional and beautiful? A cupola is a must-have for anyone who is serious about making their roof as efficient and attractive as possible – and for anyone interested in adding to the value of their home!

A roof cupola is very functional in the way it acts as ventilation system. Your attic (and, by extension, the second floor of your home) can get very hot when the sun is beating down on your roof (particularly true in the summer). A roof cupola can provide air circulation in the attic and allows for excessively moist and hot air to escape outside. This helps keep your home cooler and more comfortable, allows your AC to operate more efficiently (when tons of warm air are leaking into your home, your AC has to work harder) and also can prevent peeling paint, mildew growth and rotting wood in your attic. A cupola can conveniently cut cooling costs during the summer and reduce moisture buildup during the winter!

Not only will a roof cupola increase the value of your home and help prevent issues that can cost you money (rotting wood, peeling paint, etc), it adds distinctive character and beauty to your home as well. When you see a roof cupola, whether it’s on a house in your neighborhood, a commercial building or a barn with a rooster weathervane, your eyes are drawn to it because of its unique beauty.

Roof cupolas are available in many different materials (wood, vinyl, copper, metal, etc.) and shapes (you can choose rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal or round). If you want a cupola that is even more unique, consider a custom cupola! No matter what kind of cupola you opt for, you can count on it adding character, functionality and value to your home.

Interested in installing a roof cupola in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area? Need a roof cupola repair or replacement? Contact the roofing experts at Shanco Companies today!

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