How Can I Tell If I Need to Repair or Replace my Skylight?


You’ll probably be able to tell if you need to repair or completely replace your skylight. There are few signs that indicate a replacement is in order:

  • Damp ceiling
  • Water stains
  • Discolored or bubbling drywall near the ceiling
  • Excess condensation
  • Drafts
  • Cracks in the plastic or glass

Most of these are more obvious (cracks, leaks, etc.), but you may not pick up right away on some of the other signs, such as minor leaks and drafts.

Did you know that a leaking skylight isn’t just a nuisance, but a hazard to your home? When moisture gets through the cracks it seeps into the structure of your roof. Excess moisture in your roof can rot the wood and pave the way for mold damage. If you need to replace or repair your skylight, don’t wait! Contact Shanco now for a consultation!

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Replacing Skylights: Major Problems

Skylight Leaks: These are one of the most common skylight problems for homeowners, and the majority of leaks are caused by a problem with the flashing, which sits against the opening and directs water away. Although a lot of leaks require just a repair, sometimes skylight replacement may be required, especially if your skylight is old. The tricky thing about skylight leaks is that sometimes they can be hard to spot – in fact, it can take months and months sometimes to notice them or until the drywall near the skylight starts to bubble or buckle. If it’s been that long, you need to call for a replacement before there’s irreparable damage to your roof.

Improper Sealing: It’s important that skylights aren’t only installed properly but also sealed, as this can prevent excess condensation, leaking, etc. The skylight needs to be sealed, as does the surrounding roof area, including all the seams of the shingles immediately surrounding the skylight. If there are open seams, this is problematic. Improperly sealed skylights can cause anything from excess condensation, drafty areas in your home and leaking.

Cracks: If there is a crack in your skylight, this is obviously something that should be repaired right away. While sometimes just repairing the crack or replacing the glazing will suffice, there are times when a full skylight replacement is necessary. It depends on what material your skylight is made out of, how big the crack is, if it’s causing a leak or not, etc. – so talking to professional window contractors is the best solution!

How Cleaning & Care Can Prevent Premature Skylight Replacement

Believe it or not, cleaning can make all the difference in the world. Sometimes a problem with your skylight is a result of your skylight being dirty. Although it’s hard to reach and can be a pain, your skylight needs to be cleaned. This doesn’t mean you need to get up there and clean it on a weekly basis (many homeowners physically can’t or don’t feel comfortable doing so), but every few months or so, the skylight needs to be cleaned. Professionals can handle this for you – in fact, it’s probably best left to the pros.

Skylights can be a great addition to your home, but if not cared for properly or repaired or replaced when they need to be, they can cause a whole host of problems and truly compromise the energy efficiency of your home. Remember, if you need skylight contractors in Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia, Shanco Companies can help!

* Shanco Companies takes safety very seriously, staff members in the field as well as the office are certified in first aid as well as CPR.



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