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Solar Panel Installation

Are you considering installing solar panels for your home? Shanco is the team to have by your side. Our local Maryland and Virginia solar panel company is here to help. For the past 20 years, we have been handling all types of roofing projects for local property owners, and we’re ready to help you upgrade your home, too.

What Makes Shanco the Leading Solar Energy Contractor?

At Shanco, we work with GAF Energy to provide top-rated solar solutions that work for your specific home. Moreover, we’re a GAF Master Elite contractor and a BBB A+ rated business.

Our experts work with GAF Energy to provide top-rated solar solutions that work for your specific home, including GAF Timberline Solar™ shingles and solar panels. With over 20 years of experience under our belt, we’ve seen our fair share of home exterior projects, and we’re confident we can help with yours.

What Benefits Come from Adding Solar Panels to Your Home?

The best part about switching to solar energy is it’s beneficial for both you and Earth as a whole. As a homeowner, you get to enjoy lower energy bills and reliable energy from a renewable resource. Solar panels will also increase your home’s value, which is great if you’re planning to sell! And to top it off, you can take advantage of solar tax credits at the end of the year.

All the while, you’ll also be helping out the planet by not depending on fossil fuels to power your home. This will reduce your carbon footprint and make the Earth all the more healthy!

Common FAQs About Solar Panels

Should I Replace My Roof if I Want to Add Solar Panels?

If you have a relatively new roof system that is still in good shape, it is not necessary to replace your roof before installing solar panels. On the other hand, if your roof has seen better days or is nearing the end of its projected lifespan, it will be worth it to replace it beforehand.

Are There Special Tax Credits for Adding Solar Panels

Yes, there are federal and different state tax credits that you can take advantage of when you add solar panels for your home.

Do I Use Enough Electricity to Warrant Adding Solar Panels?

In most cases, the answer is yes. If you are using an average amount of electricity, switching to solar is can either reduce your monthly electricity costs or eliminate the bill altogether.

What Are the Benefits to Solar Power?

Switching to solar panels comes with many benefits for both yourself as a homeowner and the planet. The main benefits of using solar energy to power your home include lower energy bills, a smaller carbon footprint, reliable energy during a power outage, solar tax credits, and improved home value.

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