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Owning a home in Frederick has so many benefits. Being able to live in a beautiful area, all the lovely houses, and the freedom to outfit your space just the way that you like it. When searching for a home remodeling company, it's essential to consider several factors. You want to make sure that you've chosen the right home remodeler—a company that's fully capable of delivering on your needs without any hassle or headache. 

For over 20 years, Shanco has been the top home remodeling and repair company in Frederick, dishing out high-quality services time and time again. With the emphasis on delivering an exceptional customer experience, our friendly contractors guide you through the entire remodel process from start to finish. We're equipped with the necessary equipment and training to handle almost any home renovation project! 

Holding an A+ rating from the BBB, we're also a GAF Master Elite contractor. With designations like those, you can see how we've earned our reputation as the local roofing company you can trust. But roofing isn't all we can do! As a full-service contractor, we're able to offer all of the following: 

  • Roof Installation 

  • Roof Repairs  

  • Commercial Roofing 

  • Multi-Family Roofing 

  • New Windows 

  • Gutter Installation 

  • Siding Services 

  • Storm Damage Restoration 

  • Solar Panel and Solar Shingles 

Top-Rated Frederick Roofing  

The thought of having to get a new roof for your home shouldn't make you quiver and shake. With multiple solutions for financing options, we're able to replace or repair your home's roof without breaking the bank. On top of this, our iron-clad warranty gives you peace of mind knowing that you've made a sound investment in your home. 

Professional Roof Replacement 

For nearly 25 years, Shanco has been serving Frederick for all of their expert roof repair needs. We are a GAF Master Elite installer. That means that you will receive a warranted roof from a fully insured roofing company that was installed by a fully trained team of installers.  

When it comes to roof material for replacing your roof, we use shingles from GAF. We’ve found that there are many benefits of roofing shingles, such as: 

  • Versatile 

  • Quick installation 

  • Withstand the weather 

  • Low cost compared to other materials 


Water damage is never fun. It’s stressful because of the uncertainty. How severe is the leak? Has it caused additional damage?  

Using a roofer like Shanco, who has served the community for long term, is important in ensuring that your roof is repaired properly. There is comfort in knowing that we’re the trusted local roof repair contractor in Frederick with decades of experience.  

What constitutes needing Frederick roof repair? There could be any number of issues necessitating a roof repair. Some of the most common problems we find are as follows: 

  • Inadequate ventilation- Your roof needs to breathe. What that means is that cool air is pulled into the soffits and hot/ humid air exits the ridge vent. When warm air is trapped in the attic, it creates a climate ripe for mold and mildew growth. Unchecked attic spaces can even start to rot due to the humidity. 

  • Shingle damage- Let's face it, your roof is built to handle the weather and Frederick gets a flavor of all four seasons. That means it works to protect your home during those 90-degree heat waves and the 25-degree cold snaps. That doesn’t even factor in rain, snow, ice, and extreme weather events.  

  • Flashing issues- The flashing on your home helps direct water away from points where leaks may commonly occur. Extreme weather events can compromise your flashing. Additionally, flashing will wear out over the course of time. 

  • Fascia in need of repairs- Fascia has several roles; from acting as gutter support, to where your starter shingles rest, to sealing your roof top from moisture, critters and insects. Its value is understated but without it, you could have a large issue with your roof.  

Solar Companies 

Shanco is proud to be a solar company in Frederick and surrounding areas. Shanco is proud to offer two types of solar for Frederick homeowners. We’ve all felt the change in energy bills and our team knows the importance of generating green energy. By offering two types of solar, we can provide a solar system to every type of homeowner regardless of the condition of their roof.  

Solar Panel Installation 

Solar panels are the perfect solution if your roof is in good condition. They will generate clean energy for years to come. What’s important to keep in mind with solar panel installation is the total cost of the project and how long the panels will provide energy for your home. Furthermore, factor in the standard yearly rate increase of electric in Frederick to determine when your solar will pay for itself. 


Upgrade Your Roof with Solar Shingles 

Solar shingles are an upgrade over standard roofing shingles, but the installation process is similar. GAF Solar Shingles are the only solar shingle on the market that is nailed down. That greatly reduces the installation time.  

In addition, they mount flush to your roof, meaning that there is not a rack attached to your roof to house the panels.  

Finally, they carry dual warranties. One as a shingle and the other as a solar panel. 

The main difference between solar shingles and solar panels is in the difference in the condition of your roof. Solar panels require a roof in good condition. That means there would be a cost to replace your roof before attaching panels. Solar shingles mount directly to your roof decking and act as a roof and panel.  

Maryland Window Installation 

As the eyes of your home, windows are one of its most essential features, making it easy to feel connected with the natural beauty of Maryland. As a cost-effective solution for increasing the overall value of your home, window replacement is a wise investment. Additionally, energy-efficient windows are designed to save you cold hard cash on your monthly electricity bills. As contractors, we're proud to provide options from this industry-leading manufacturer that will help you experience benefits like these, plus many others. 

Gutter Replacement Made Easy 

Though they are often overlooked, the gutters of your home might be more important than you think. Serving as the means of redirecting rainwater away from your home's foundation, a highly-functional gutter system is vital to the integrity of your home's exterior. We use hidden hangers for our gutter installations for a more streamlined look, resulting in a durable home update designed to last for years to come. 

Frederick Siding Company 

Your home's siding is a great way to highlight your unique style and taste. On top of this, high-quality siding is designed to keep your interior well insulated, helping you to stay warm during those cold winter nights. Shanco offers a selection of trusted products from:  

  • James Hardie 

  • Vinyl siding 

  • Cedar siding 

Each type of siding will have different installation costs which will change the overall costs of the project. We're the local siding company bringing local property owners access to the best materials in Fredrick.  

Storm Damage Restoration 

Living on the East Coast, you must be ready for anything—including hurricanes that come tearing across the Atlantic and causing damage to homes. When falling debris lands on your roof and causes damage, it's essential to act fast.  

  • Roof hail damage- Hail can create roof problems that aren’t always visible to the untrained eye. Dings, dents, and soft spots are the hallmarks of a hail damaged roof. 

  • High wind causes roof problems- Strong to severe winds can lift your shingles off the nail, breaking the seal and leaving a place for a leak to form. Working with a trusted roofer to identify high wind damage is critical to protecting your home.  

  • Storm damaged roofs- Severe weather is unpredictable and finding a trusted roof to conduct a free inspection isn’t the easiest thing. The good news is that our roofing company works with insurance to help navigate the tricky waters after damage from a storm.  

Our storm restoration services are designed to address and correct any problem areas before they can lead to more significant issues. 

Commercial Service 

Commercial properties are in our wheelhouse as well. Frederick business owners can count on Shanco for the following: 

  • Commercial roofing in Frederick 

  • Siding replacement services 

  • Commercial window replacement 

  • Replacement gutters in Frederick 

Our commercial projects include office parks, multi-family, college campuses, churches, and more.  

Call the Frederick Experts Today 

No matter what the home remodeling project is, Shanco has you covered! Offering roof replacement, window installation, and gutter services, we're the home remodeling company known for going the extra mile for our customers. Give us a call today or fill out our online form for your free estimate.