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Finding a trusted home siding company in the Gaithersburg area may feel like a tall task. Shanco is an expert home exterior company that excels in siding, roofing, windows, and more. Since opening our doors over 20 years ago, we’ve provided homeowners in Montgomery Country with exceptional home exterior services garnering a reputation as a company that is easy to work with. Shanco is an industry-leading roofing company, and our services go well beyond replacing your roof.  

Siding Contractors Gaithersburg  

When it comes to siding projects, Shanco has helped countless homeowners increase the curb appeal of their homes. There is no scope of exterior projects that we cannot handle. We will gladly complete residential, commercial, apartments, and more.  

Benefits of Vinyl Siding 

Updating your home's exterior with replacement vinyl siding has numerous benefits. How do you know if it’s the right fit for your home exterior project? Different siding materials have different pros and cons. 

In order to determine what’s best for your home, it all depends on your current pain points with your existing siding.  

What does your home need?  

A simple upgrade?  

A product that isn’t labor intensive?  

Are you thinking of selling and wanting to get the most bang for your buck?  

Let’s discuss what getting new vinyl siding will do for your home.  

Beautifies Your Home 

The feeling of pulling up to your home with freshly installed vinyl siding is a feeling you will not forget. The transformation that your home will undergo is frankly stunning. While it is hard to quantify the benefit of increased curb appeal, the emotion of a breathtaking house is worth the expenditure.  


There is a reason that vinyl siding is incredibly popular in the Gaithersburg area. It has unparalleled versatility coupled with low installation costs. Homeowners have a plethora of colors and profiles.  

You may want cedar patterns and you can absolutely get vinyl siding that mimics the natural beauty of cedar siding. Shakes, board & batten, rough-sawn, you name it, there is siding that looks just like it and it likely doesn’t carry all the maintenance that is required by the real thing.   


Having lower maintenance projects truly sets vinyl apart from other materials. It is easy to clean, the upkeep process is easy, and doesn’t require special products or materials. You can read all our tips and tricks for keeping your vinyl siding looking brand new here.  


Vinyl siding is composed of PVC resin. Because it does not contain any organic materials, it provides many features that make it very durable. For instance, vinyl siding is rot proof unlike wood siding and cedar siding. Not to mention, vinyl siding is resistant to insect damage. 

Innovations in the vinyl siding realm have also improved its wind resistance and reduced color-fading issues in the past.  

Return on Investment 

Home improvement projects can produce a return on investment. It’s important to look at these types of projects as investments in your home. You can expect ROI on a vinyl siding project of roughly 80%. This may differ slightly based on the type you select for your home. 

Improved Energy-Efficiency 

Home heating and cooling bills aren’t getting any cheaper in the Washington DC metro area. Many vinyl siding products on the market are engineered to resist heat, and cold, and help prevent water damage. By adding an insulated siding option, you can expect to have lower heating and cooling expenditures.  

Vinyl Siding Gaithersburg  

With the plethora of siding options, it may feel daunting to wade through all the static to determine the best fit for your home.  

Vinyl siding has made massive technological strides in the years past to make it one of the most common ways to improve the exterior of your home. Not to mention that the cost associated with vinyl siding replacement makes it a cost-effective home exterior project that will provide enjoyment for years to come. 

FAQs About Vinyl Siding Replacement 

The team at Shanco wants to make sure that our customers are completely informed of the pros and cons of their home exterior renovation project. We’ve provided some answers to the most asked questions so that our customers can feel great about their decision.  

How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last? 

There are some factors that homeowners should keep in mind that can change the typical lifespan of vinyl siding. Strong winds, hail damage, and direct sunlight may shorten the longevity of vinyl siding. If we’re talking optimum conditions, Gaithersburg homeowners can expect vinyl siding to last anywhere from 20 to 40 years.  

Gaithersburg does experience its fair share of weather events that may shorten life or cause damage, requiring repair or replacement short of the 20-to-40-year mark.  

Will Vinyl Siding Increase Home Value?  

Vinyl siding is a great product with an exceptional price point, but does it increase the value of your home? Absolutely. Homeowners can expect to recoup roughly 80% of their vinyl siding installation value when selling their homes.  

Will Vinyl Siding Deter Woodpeckers? 

Woodpeckers love to create problems with home exteriors and pecking holes in siding is no exception. Vinyl siding does deter woodpeckers from knocking and piercing holes in the siding. Vinyl siding is a stronger material than softwood sidings like pine or cedar siding. Woodpeckers do prefer softer materials to source food, and shelter, or mark their territory.  

Shanco is the Leading Local Siding Installers Near Gaithersburg 

When looking for a home exterior renovation company that comes highly recommended by Gaithersburg homeowners with a penchant for doing an excellent job look no further than Shanco. We proudly maintain an A+ rating with the BBB and carry all the proper work permits and insurance to complete work on the exterior of your home.