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Shanco is the highest rated roofing contractor serving Rockville, MD. We have earned this designation through our commitment to delivering an exceptional roofing experience which starts with conducting a thorough roof inspection and runs all the way through the job site clean-up after we’ve installed your new roof. 

We’ve served the Washington metro area for over 20 years while providing roofing services from small roof repair projects to large scale exterior home improvement jobs that require a new roof, siding, gutters, windows, and more. There is a reason that Rockville Maryland homeowners trust Shanco with roofing work, it’s because we do home exteriors projects right.  

Free Roof Estimates in Rockville 

Shanco believes in free roof estimates. We may not find any problems with your roof so why should you have to pay for our inspection?  

But what does a free estimate mean? With Shanco, it’s not a situation where there is any bait and switch going on. All roof inspections entail a thorough process that looks at the entirety of your roofing system. 

Our roof is part of a system which means each part works in conjunction with other parts of your roof. If one part of your roof system is not working as it should, we may suggest a repair or a replacement to ensure that your roof is as healthy as possible.  

During our inspection process, we will look at the performance of the following. 

  • Fascia 

  • Shingles 

  • Ventilation and insulation levels 

  • Flashing 

  • Boot condition 

Roof Repair Rockville MD 

Roof repair isn’t solely limited to your roofing shingles. During our roof inspection we’re going to look at all the parts of your roofing system and identify any potential problems. Some common problems that can happen with your roofing system are as follows.  

  • Gutters and downspouts are critical in moving water from your roof and safely away from your foundation. If your gutters are sagging, broken, or leaking, there is an increased possibility of developing foundation problems or leaks in your basement.  

  • Fascia is the part of your roof system that holds the starter shingles in a row and acts as the backing of your gutter systems.  

  • One of the most common types of wear that we find with fascia is rot. When a fascia board starts to rot, it can lead to the gutters to start to pull away and sag a little. Sagging gutters allow water to pool and create an uneven distribution of weight.  

  • Then you add in a Rockville snowstorm that freezes the water left in the gutters. This leads to the gutters pulling away even more due to the weight of the ice. Then your fascia will be wet because of the small gap between the fascia and the gutters which creates an environment that is conducive to additional rot, and mold and mildew formation.  

  • Additionally, insects, such as carpenter bees, have been known to bore holes in fascia boards. Small animals, like squirrels may chew on fascia. They do this because their teeth are always growing, and they need to file them down.  

  • Regardless of if it’s rot or animal damage, any opening in the fascia will allow moisture into your roof or attic. It will also create a pathway for animals to nestle in your home during the cold months.  

  • Soffits prevent moisture from entering the eaves of your home. Additionally, the soffits may house soffit vents which act as intake vents for your roof ventilation system.  

  • Soffits can succumb to rot and moisture issues that are generated by the gutters. 

  • Intake vents can be damaged by small animals as well. They may chew along the edges of the vents and create an opening to get inside the eaves of your home to build a nest.  

  • Immediately contact a Rockville roofing expert if you encounter any instances of a compromised soffit. Not addressing the soffit problem can only lead to additional roof damage.  

  • Shingles protect your roof from the elements. The gritty side helps prolong the life of the shingle from the constant exposure of the sun and heat. Our roofers may have to repair a small section that could be impacted by a weather event. 

  • Over time shingles can wear out due to exposure to the weather. You may find shingle granules in your gutters and downspouts.  

  • You may lose a shingle due to a weather event  

  • Ventilation and insulation are important components of keeping your attic temperature regulated.  

  • Too little ventilation will cause heat buildup in your attic which can cause mold, mildew, and rot. Additionally, it can lead to the formation of ice dams in the winter.  

  • Too much insulation can create moisture build-up and conditions for mold growth. 

  • Flashing is put in place to direct water away from a potential leak point. Typically, flashing is made of metal. A common place you will find flashing is around a chimney. The flashing is sealed to prevent any moisture penetration. 

  • The sealant, or caulking, around flashing will wear out over time. The sun can make it brittle, or a weather event can cause damage to the caulking. 

  • Additionally, flashing can rust and develop weak points that can turn into leaks.  

  • Boots are a type of flashing meant to secure and protect pipe vents that exit your home. These vents could be a natural gas vent, bathroom exhaust, and, depending on municipality, a kitchen vent. 

  • These boots will wear out over time. They are typically made of rubber and exposure to heat, cold, and weather events will cause the rubber to become brittle and decay.  

Roof Replacement Rockville MD 

Roof replacement occurs when a roof has seen its day and it no longer makes sense to keep repairing it. The upside of a total roof replacement is the entirety of your roof is removed down to the decking.  

A cursory inspection of the decking will inform our roof installers if the decking should be removed. We may remove the decking because it’s been compromised by water damage, mold formation, warping, or starting to show signs of rot. This will create a new foundation for your brand-new roof. We don’t want to install a new roof system on top of an uneven, ruined surface as that will only lead to future problems. 

Our roofing installation team tries to get an installation completed in a day. That is total tear off and replacement of your roof.  

MD Roofing Contractors with Expertise in Storm Damage 

Rockville gets slightly more than average rain than the rest of the United States. Rain and storms can create problems for your roof, especially when the weather turns severe.  

With storms come storm damage to the roof of your home. Storms can create hail and strong wind gusts that may shorten the life of your roof or may damage the roof entirely. Having a roofer in Montgomery County, like Shanco ensures that you get the best roof installed for your home. Additionally, we’ve work with insurance companies to assist homeowners with their insurance claims.  

Our storm damage report will tell you about any weather events that your home may have experienced. Once you complete the form, our team will reach out to see if you’d like to schedule a storm damage inspection 

Rockville Hail Damage Repair Experts 

Hailstorms can cause extensive damage to homes and property. Hail can leave behind a level of destruction that is impossible to comprehend. Leaves on trees can be shredded, automobiles dented, screens on your windows can be ripped to shreds.  

Working with the hail experts at Shanco means that we’ve seen hailstorms and know exactly how to inspect your home after a bout of severe weather. The number one thing that Rockville homeowners should not do is look up at the roof and say “It looks ok. No need for an inspection.”  

Our team of inspectors are trained, and a bruised shingle may not look like much from the ground. When one of our inspectors gets onto the roof, then we can uncover the real damage caused by hail in Rockville. 

We look for hail hits on the shingles. A hail hit may look black in color and there may be granule loss associated with the hit. The smallest crack in the shingle can create an opportunity for moisture to get into your roof. Additionally, we’re going to check the hail hits to see if they are soft to the touch, sort of like a bruised apple. 

The team at Shanco will also look at your gutters and downspouts for granule loss. If we spot some excessive loss, we will be sure to let you know. You can rest easy because we are always here to help with insurance companies.  

Wind Damage Roofing Pros in Rockville 

Wind damage to your roof can come in extremely obvious ways. The most common form of wind damage is when homeowners find a shingle in their yard. It can take a wind gust as low as 45 mph to remove a loose shingle from your roof. Gusts up to 58 can rip off secure roof shingles! 

After a wind event, look outside of your home. If you find a shingle in the yard, call Shanco for an inspection! Wind can create additional problems for your roof such as; 

  • Lifting of shingles 

  • Curled shingles 

  • Granule loss 

  • Damage to the soffits and fascia 

  • Chimney problems 

  • Damage to flashing 

Many of these problems require a trained eye for inspection and always use a verifiable roofing company with experience to repair and remedy problems created by extreme weather events.  

Roofing Company Montgomery County 

Shanco is the leading roofing company in Montgomery County. We’ve earned the national Residential Roofing Contractor of the Year award from Roofing Contractor magazine, awarded numerous “Best of Angi” awards, Master Elite certification from GAF, and carry an A+ rating on the BBB. Contact our customer service rep to schedule your free roof inspection and we’ll be happy to help you with any roof problems that you are experiencing.