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Roofing Contractors in Silver Spring

Shanco is the leading roofing contractor in Silver Spring. We provide high-quality roofing services for the Washington DC metro area. In our 20+ years in business, we’ve helped countless Silver Spring residents with their roofing projects.  

There is a reason that Silver Spring residents highly recommend Shanco. We take care of our customers through and through.  

Free Roof Inspection Silver Spring   

Getting a new roof is easy with Shanco. Every new roof we install starts with a free roof inspection. With our free roof inspections, our trained team will look at your entire roofing system.   

By offering free roof inspections, we want Silver Spring homeowners to feel comfortable requesting an inspection every couple of years or after any extreme weather event. Your roof system is one of the most expensive components of your home, and you should have it regularly inspected.  

Our team of roofing experts will survey the condition of your roof system. This includes addressing the following.  

  • Shingles  

  • Gutters and downspouts  

  • Fascia and soffit  

  • Flashing  

  • Boots  

  • Ventilation and insulation levels  

Roof Repair Silver Spring Maryland  

After your inspection, we may uncover parts of your roof that need repairs. We will include the suggestions in your formal estimate for the repairs. Some of the more common roof repairs that we find in Silver Spring are as follows:  

Asphalt Shingle Replacement 

  • Shingles are the rough part of your roof. The rough part is called granules. They shield against the elements while providing a grippy surface when people need to walk on your roof.  

  • Shingle damage can come from general wear and tear that can cause granule loss or loosened missing shingles. Extreme weather events can create shingle damage or make a weakened shingle fail entirely.   

Gutter Replacement Services 

  • Gutters and downspouts are critical in moving water off your roof and into the downspouts and away from your home and foundation.  

  • Gutters that have sustained damage can create a multitude of problems.   

  • First, sagging gutters can retain water and pull away from the fascia.  

  • During a Silver Spring winter, pooled water can create ice and pull gutters further away from the fascia.  

  • The gap between the gutters and fascia can allow water to start to rot the fascia and soffit. This could lead to the gutters pulling entirely off the house.   

Soffit and Fascia Replacement  

  • Soffit and fascia make up the horizontal area under the eaves and the vertical area behind the gutters. Soffits typically house soffit vents. Fascia backs the gutters and creates a solid surface for starter shingles to rest.   

  • The soffit can start to rot if it gets wet. Due to its proximity to the gutters, this is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. Moisture can find its way into the eaves and allow mold and mildew to develop.  

  • Animals may also use the area around soffit vents to chew and grind down their teeth and leave openings for animal or insect infestations in the eaves.  

  • Fascia can develop rot in places due to continued exposure to moisture. This moisture can come from sagging gutters. 

  • Fascia can also be a popular place for insects and small animals to attack. Carpenter bees may bore holes in the fascia board. Squirrels may target the fascia as a great place to grind down their forever-growing teeth.  

  • Any worn areas of fascia will lead to eventual problems and replacement. If you discover any areas where the fascia is compromised, don’t wait! The problem will not fix itself.   

Flashing Repairs 

  • Flashing helps direct water away from places susceptible to leaking. It usually mounts to a vertical surface and is adhered to with caulking.  

  • Caulking will break down over time. Heat and cold temperatures will cause it to deteriorate. When you factor in extreme weather events, the timeline can be shortened.  

  • Since flashing is made from metal and exposed to the elements, there is a chance that it will start to rust. Any rust spots are weakened potential points of water entry.  

  • Additionally, your flashing may pull away as the foundation of your home settles. Gaps in flashing can create an active leak as well.  

Exhaust Boots Replacement 

  • Boots are roof flashing that connects to an exhaust that exits your shingled roof.  

  • Boots are made of rubber. The constant exposure to heat, sun, cold, wind, ice, and extreme weather events can cause the rubber to deteriorate and tatter. Once the boot reaches this condition, it’s only a matter of time before a leak starts.   

  • This is one reason why regular inspections are so important. Discovering a torn or worn boot before it goes too far will save you the headache of a roof leak, replacing insulation, and drywall repair.   

Roof Ventilation 

  • Ventilation and insulation are two things that allow your home to breathe while maintaining cooler temperatures in your attic and ceiling.   

  • Insufficient ventilation or blocked ventilation will allow your attic space to retain heat. Hot air contains more moisture than cool air.   

  • Trapping the hot air in the attic creates a hot and humid environment that is conducive to growing mold and mildew. If these conditions are unchecked, you may develop rot in the attic and damage your shingles from the inside out.   

  • Additionally, an overly heated attic space will permeate the rest of the upstairs of the house and create a larger HVAC bill.  

  • Finally, ice dams can form if there is too much warmth in the attic space. Ice dam formation can create leaks in your ceilings and walls.   

Roof Replacement Silver Spring MD  

All roof materials have a shelf life. As your roof starts to wear out, problems will arise, and the more likely a total roof replacement is in order.   

What does a total roof replacement mean for Silver Spring homeowners? First, our team will deliver all the supplies to tear off your roof. We will have a dumpster delivered so we can haul away all the roof remnants. Additionally, our team delivers roofing supplies to complete the job.   

From there, our team will tear off your roof. We will strip it all the way down to the decking. Some roofs do not need their decking replaced. However, we encounter homes where the roof decking is warped, moldy, or starting to rot.   

Shanco will remove and replace these compromised pieces of decking. We do this to ensure that your roof has solid decking. Building a roof on top of moldy or warped decking will cause roof problems down the line.  

The great thing about getting a roof replacement from Shanco is our warranty. We offer a lifetime warranty on our full roof replacements. In addition to being a lifetime warranty, it is also transferable.   

Suppose you want to sell your Silver Spring home; you can transfer the roof warranty to your new homeowner. There are restrictions on a transferable roof warranty so be sure to ask your Shanco sales representative for all the details.   

Free Storm Roof Damage Inspection  

When severe weather strikes, your roof can bear the brunt of it. Hail, strong winds, ice and snow can create problems with your roof system. After a severe weather event, it may be wise to schedule a free roof inspection with Shanco.   

You should schedule a free storm damage roof inspection with Shanco because extreme weather can compromise your roof. That damage may not be visible to the homeowner’s eye.   

Hail damage can leave bruised shingles that are weak and potentially softened. These shingles can have slight places where they can start to leak.   

Strong winds can lift shingles off the nail, leaving an opportunity for water to get inside the roof. Additionally, wind can cause poorly attached shingles to blow off the roof and even weaken the most secure shingles.   

Silver Spring, MD homeowners can always rely on Shanco’s Free Storm Damage Report to see what extreme weather has hit their home over the past several years. Once you fill out the form, you’ll get a report sent to your email address, and a customer service representative will reach out to see if you would like to schedule a complimentary inspection.   

Best Roofing Company in Silver Spring  

Contact us for a free estimate if you are seeking a company that has  

  • Expertise in home exterior projects 

  • Attention to detail to not cut corners 

  • Fully insured and licensed 

Shanco has earned the best roofing company in Silver Spring. We maintain an A+ rating on the BBB. Not to mention, we’ve earned the national Residential Roofing Contractor of the Year award from Roofing Contractor magazine. We look forward to speaking soon!