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Award-Winning Hagerstown Roofing Company

Shanco is a full-service remodeling company offering quality results for Hagerstown residents. When you want to improve the exterior of your property, we have the solutions for you. 

With nearly 25 years of experience, our team has what it takes to make your property shine. From our product choice to installations, we provide the best remodeling experience in the area. 

Our services include: 

  • Roofing work including repairs and replacement 

  • Siding 

  • Replacement windows 

  • Commercial roofing 

  • Storm damage restoration 

  • Solar panels 

  • Gutters 

Residential Roofing Hagerstown  

Has your home's roofing system developed signs of age? Work with our roofing company and restore your roof back to peak condition. We are a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor that installs top-of-the-line materials for customers. 

Roof Replacement  

Getting a total roof replacement can feel daunting. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Where to start and who to trust?  

Hagerstown residents are in luck! Shanco serves the Hagerstown area. We’ve won many awards over the years, from Residential Roofing Contractor of the Year, Nextdoor accolades, Angi, and more. 

Along with complete roof replacement services, our team offers efficient roof repair solutions. If your Hagerstown home's roof has been damaged, we will provide the ideal repair for the situation. 

Hagerstown Roof Repairs 

Roof repairs can feel like a mystery. Your roof damage may not be visible from the ground and that’s where Shanco comes in. We’ve been on many roofs and assessed countless roof leaks. 

Roof repairs can be caused by a multitude of things. There are some common roof leaks that we encounter. Areas where Hagerstown roof repairs commonly occur: 

  • Flashing- Flashing is built to protect leak prone areas of your roof and direct the water away. You’ll commonly find flashing in valleys and along your chimney. These areas are susceptible to damage from storms and extreme weather events. Furthermore, flashing is made from metal which will corrode over time. 

  • Fascia- The fascia supports your gutters and helps seal off your attic space from moisture, critters and insect infestations. A compromised fascia will lead to many problems if left untreated.  

  • Shingles- Roof shingles bear the brunt of weather. The sun beats down on them during hot and humid days. They shield your home from hail and more. Weather can cause damages to shingles leading to roof repairs of your home. 

  • Ventilation- Your home needs to breathe, and ventilation is key to pushing hot air out of your attic. Trapped hot air can cause mold, mildew, and roof rot.  

Hagerstown Solar Installation Companies 

What’s a great long-term way to save money on energy bills? You can install solar panels to turn your roof into a mini utility company. Solar systems are an increasingly popular way to cut your electricity bill and generate clean energy for your home. 

Shanco is installing rooftop solar panels for Hagerstown area homeowners. We provide two options for homeowners to generate their own solar energy. Between these two options, Shanco’s solar company can install solar on virtually any roof.  

  • Solar Panel Installation- Traditional solar panels are a great fit for Hagerstown homeowners that have a roof that is in good condition.  

  • Replace Your Roof with Solar Shingles- The GAF Solar Shingles have many benefits. If you are in need of a new roof, solar shingles are the best bet. They mount directly to your roof decking and tie into your home seamlessly.  

The solar industry continues to grow in the state of Maryland. It’s because there are great tax incentives, the price of solar has continued to come down, and the price of electricity has continued to increase.  

High-Quality Home Exteriors 

Shanco has helped countless homeowners improve the exterior of their properties. Our team has the skills to provide services for windows, siding, and gutters.  

Window Replacement 

Hagerstown homeowners can count on Shanco for a seamless window replacement project. You can find many different styles of homes in Hagerstown, and we provide a wide selection of replacement windows to meet the architectural needs of any home. 

  • Wood windows 

  • Vinyl windows 

  • Fiberglass windows 

Replacement window materials provide different benefits and features, from Our team will help walk you through the perfect window options for your home. 

Siding Contractor 

Updating your home with new siding is a great way of Improving energy efficiency and curb appeal. Shanco provides several options of siding materials for Hagerstown homes. Siding comes in a seemingly endless variety of material, styles, and textures which allows homeowners to update and beautify their homes. Shanco is happy to provide the following siding materials: 

  • Vinyl siding 

  • James Hardie Siding or concrete fiberboard 

  • Cedar siding  

Every siding material comes with a different R-value for energy efficiency as well as different material and installation costs. Additionally, siding has a different ROI value for your home to take into consideration and maintenance requirements.  

Weighing out the material pros and cons will be important before meeting with a siding replacement contractor. 

Gutters Hagerstown  

Your gutter system performs one major task; to get water away from your home. Their task is simple, but its importance is unparalleled.  

If your gutters are faulty, sagging, or missing, you may find these signs of damage. 

  • Basement leaks 

  • Foundation damages 

  • Ice dam formation in the winter 

  • Roof problems 

While working with our home remodeling company, you can expect the following perks: 

  • Warranty Protection 

  • Flexible Financing 

  • Top-Notch Customer Support 

  • Efficient Completion Times 

  • Skilled Home Remodeler Team 

Commercial Solutions in Hagerstown 

When businesses want to improve the appearance of their property, our commercial renovation services are the ideal choice. Our team has the capability to handle projects of all sizes and scopes, including: 

  • Commercial roof replacement 

  • Commercial replacement windows 

  • Commercial siding installation 

  • Commercial gutter replacement 

From small businesses to multi-family, and office parks, we will create an inviting exterior for occupants. As a result of our reliable services, we have maintained an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. 

Storm Damage Restorations 

Don't let storm damage get the best of your property with the help of Shanco. Our storm damage repair professionals can provide restoration services of all types. 

  • Hail damage roof repair and replacement 

  • Wind damage assessments, repairs, and replacements 

  • Free storm damage roof inspections  

If your home was affected by a recent storm, our team will quickly send a restoration team for the job. Shanco offers free damage reports as part of our storm damage restorations. We happily work with insurance companies for storm damage restoration projects. 

Learn More About Our Roofing Company Today 

With countless positive reviews from past customers, our team at Shanco has built a solid reputation. If you want to improve your property's exterior, choose from our wide range of service options. 

Contact us today to request a free project estimate. Call to speak with one of our friendly representatives or fill out the online quote form.