What are the Benefits of Skylights?

The short answer? Skylights not only enhance the appearance of your home or office building and add more natural light, but they can also help lower your energy bills.

In addition to homes, buildings that often have skylights include:

  • Malls
  • Grocery stores
  • Libraries
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses

Although often thought of as a luxury, skylight installation can actually be considered one of the greenest home improvement projects. Think of it this way – a skylight is just another type of window and works like other types of windows, in terms of improving appearance, lighting, and energy efficiency.

Appearance: Physical enhancement is one of the most obvious benefits of skylights. In fact, some people install them mainly for aesthetic purposes! Any structure, whether a home, office building, or industrial warehouse, is going to stand out with a skylight. Best of all, skylights can actually increase your home’s market value and curb appeal!

Lighting: The other main benefit skylights offer is lighting improvement. Skylights are used in spaces that don’t get a lot of natural light. They are also perfect for dark hallways in homes, but the buildings that can really benefit from more sunlight are warehouses, grocery stores, malls, and other commercial structures where you don’t normally find a lot of smaller traditional windows.

Energy efficiency: Skylights can significantly decrease energy consumption in homes and commercial buildings. Ventilating skylights can reduce AC use, and all types of skylights can greatly cut down on your electrical costs! If you’re a business owner, skylights can help you increase overhead costs associated with lighting – with more natural light, there’s no need for artificial lighting (and higher electricity bills!).

The benefits of skylights outweigh their higher upfront costs. Skylights truly pay for themselves in the long-run. The energy savings they offer can be very substantial, and your skylights will be as green as possible if you:

  • Install glass skylights, particularly those with Low-E glass coating
  • Use double-pane skylights
  • Choose skylights with low-conductivity frames – vinyl, wood, and fiberglass are good choices

Whether you’re a homeowner who wants to add more natural light to your dim, gloomy kitchen or a business owner trying to decrease overhead costs, a skylight is a great option.



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