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Your attic is more than a place to stash holiday decorations. It’s a critical component of your roof system that should allow cold air to flow in and warm air to exit the attic. Why Does My Attic Need to Be Ventilated? Your attic needs to have ventilation due to heat and humid air build-up.

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To many people, the fall means changing leaves, pumpkin spice, and fall window maintenance. Ok, not everyone thinks about home exteriors but the team at Shanco is here to help get your home ready for the onset of winter. How Do I Complete Fall Window Maintenance?

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When you need a roof replacement on your home or business, the contractor may recommend an ice and water shield too. If you haven’t replaced your roof before, you might not know much about this part of the roofing system.

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Trees enhance the natural beauty around your home and neighborhood. Gaithersburg has many beautiful native trees that shed their leaves and acorns in the fall. They provide shade and when autumn hits, yard clean-up begins.

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