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You’re probably at least somewhat aware of the important role your gutters play in protecting your home. Rain gets safely drawn off of the roof and is then deposited somewhere away from your windows, siding, and foundation. But what about gutter guards? Are they just a simple convenience, or is so...

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Whether we’re talking about your front entry door, a side door, or even a garage door, these home fixtures play some pretty big roles. Good doors are all about security, of course.

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In construction, air and moisture infiltration can’t always be avoided—it’s impossible to protect a home from all the elements. But house wrap has helped control the problem and is used today for many homes.  Many homeowners, however, don’t know exactly what house wrap is.

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Roofing Styling Guide

When shopping around for a new roof many homeowners can quickly become overwhelmed and paralyzed by the sheer number of options, styles, and types of roof available. Having some trouble, or just looking for a concise explanation of common roofing terms? The experts at Shanco have you covered!

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Why Is My Roof Creaking?

Hearing some odd sounds coming from your roof? Is your roof creaky when it’s windy? Before you sound the alarm, there are some important facts about a creaking roof that the experts at Shanco would like you to know!

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