5 (Scientific!) Ways Windows Impact Your Happiness

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Ever think much about the windows in your Washington, DC-area home? Odds are, unless you’re holding a bottle of window cleaner, probably not. But what if we told you your windows, and a new window installation, can actually have a demonstrable impact on your personal happiness? Quite a claim, we know. How would we back up these big words? The same way any important information is backed up. With science!

5 Ways Windows Actually Impact Your Happiness

There are virtually limitless ways that your personal happiness level is impacted on a daily basis. And oddly enough, your windows can actually play a role in this. How? Well:

  • Exposure to natural light and happiness.  A clear window is the best way to provide natural light in your home. And what role does natural light play in your happiness? Consistent exposure to full-spectrum sunlight impacts the production of serotonin in your brain; a neurotransmitter proven to impact positive mood.
  • Sunlight can improve actual health. Washington, DC is known as one of the country’s healthiest cities, and we probably all know by this point that sunlight promotes your body’s production of Vitamin D, a crucial mineral to bone growth. But D plays a more diverse role than we previously thought, having an impact on mood, mental processes, and overall productiveness. As a side note, most United States citizens get far too little of the Vitamin; even those that go outside often.
  • Healthy sunlight exposure promotes better sleep. In our busy Washington, DC lives, many of us are at work before the sun rises and leave well after it sets. Regular exposure to clean sunlight has a demonstrable impact on reinforcing your natural circadian rhythm, which dictates when you sleep, and how restful that sleep is. Humans typically have a malleable rhythm, able to alter it according to needs (shout out to all of those graveyard shift workers); however, a more consistent rhythm is proven to lead to happier, healthier individuals.
  • A new window installation can improve comfort levels. Your windows are one of the most critical parts of the energy-efficiency of your home. Why? Mostly because of air bleed. Ineffective, old, or windows in poor health can make your heating and cooling system work harder, making your home less comfortable and, of course, making you a considerable amount less happy. Both in the physical department, and the financial one.
  • New or fulfilling things stimulate mental health and positive mood. As humans, some measure of routine and structure can help us feel happier and more productive. But when life becomes too mundane, or we are unsatisfied with our surroundings, we tend to become bored, or uninspired. Old, drab windows got you down? A new window installation might just be the stimulation you were looking for!

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