Best Siding for a Low-Maintenance Home in Silver Spring

Siding is an excellent option for the Silver Spring homeowner that is looking for a smart, handsome solution; and one that requires minimal maintenance! All types of siding are a great way to protect your home while adding a layer of insulation. And all while improving beauty and curb appeal!

The certified siding experts at Shanco have been providing superior siding installation in Silver Spring for years, and we know all there is to know about which material will suit your needs best! Looking for a low-maintenance siding solution? We might have the answers you’re looking for!

The Best Siding for Your Low-Maintenance Home

The biggest factor in making choices concerning your low-maintenance home is to ensure you’re keeping things simple. You want durable, high-quality materials that were built to last and take some punishment. So which siding materials suit this need best? The good news is most siding is fairly low-maintenance; but some more so than others:

  • Fiber-cement. Unlike most cement based siding options (which are prone to chipping or breaks), fiber-cement undergoes a unique process that makes it highly durable, resistant to weather damage, and provides an exceptionally long lifespan. Its natural resistance to insects, pests, and rotting is a huge bonus, and though the siding will need professional service every ten to fifteen years, it is otherwise very low-maintenance for the homeowner.
  • Vinyl siding. For quite  along time vinyl siding got a really bad rap. But this was long before modern technology got ahold of the material. Modern vinyl is near indestructible, exceptionally weatherproof, and insect-proof to boot. As one of the most cost-effective solutions out there, vinyl is a smart option for many homeowners. We will warn that it does occasionally need repairs to ensure optimal performance, and needs occasional cleaning; though it only needs cleaning annually at the most. Barring some kind of mudslinging storm, of course.
  • Brick siding. This isn’t something Shanco offers, but does warrant a mention. Brick is gorgeous, extremely durable, and adds a lot of value to your home. Brick often lasts just as long as the house it’s applied to, needing little more than the occasional wash to keep up appearances. We would warn, however, that this is one of the more costly options. A sound investment to be sure, but an investment all the same!

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High-Quality Siding Installation in Silver Spring

Looking for the absolute best siding solution for your home, but you’re still not quite sure where to start? Call on the certified specialists at Shanco! We carry years of experience, skill, and knowledge, and our team is more than happy to assist you in finding the option that suits your needs best! For a superior siding installation in Silver Spring experience, trust in the Shanco experience!



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