Common Summer Home Damage

Not everything about the summer season is swimming and cookouts. Want to know what kinds of damage you might be dealing with this year in Maryland? Follow along with the home service specialists at Shanco while we tell you what to expect, and what to do about it!

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Summer Damage that Leads to Home Repair in Montgomery County

Maybe we should say it might lead to home repair in Montgomery County. Or any other county. Providing you stay ahead of the game and do some simple preparation, you can avoid the majority of these, or at least mitigate the damage:

  • Storms and your roof. We’re no strangers to getting quite a few angry gusts and swift (yet relentless) downpours. Mostly your home stays okay, but the onslaught can do some serious harm to your roof—especially shingle and shake. Keep an eye out for missing roof materials and the telltale grains that may slough off of them to head off any serious damage.
  • Humidity vs siding. Siding is built to take a beating, and as we’ve talked about recently it can handle a good deal. But if your siding has any forms of damage at all, then humidity could be your worst nightmare. Mold growth under siding is a huge problem that least to plenty of ugly, and just as much long-term siding damage.
  • Gutter troubles. Those same storms that can mess up your roof will be keeping your gutters plenty busy, too. Ordinarily that’s fine, but in the summer it’s not at all uncommon for gutters to get glutted on leaves and plant bits which can lead to sagging and water retention (which in turn leads to corrosion). Your two best ways of dealing with this are to invest in gutter guards and to inspect your gutters routinely.
  • Sun damage. Sun damage can impact everything, fading your deck out, bleaching your siding, even just making your house too hot! The good news is that there are plenty of ways to tackle this! Elastomeric coatings can protect paint, while sealing your deck provides proof against wood graying. For siding, we’d recommend installing or replacing with types that are rated for sunproof features and color-fastness!

Shirking Summer Home Damage with Shanco

You need not ever fear the dangers of the summer season with the right team of pros on your side. And for home repair in Montgomery County, you’ll find no one better than Shanco! Our team is dedicated to quality services that get the job done on time, on budget, and in the way that helps you most. Contact us online if you need help dealing with heat damage, or if your home is ready for some timely repair!



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