Gutter Repair vs. Replacement: How Do I Know What I Need?

Although repair is typically the preferred service, if indeed you need a service at all, replacements can sometimes be the better option. However, if you do have a simpler and less catastrophic issue, repair is probably the way to go. Most signs are quite easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for. For gutter repair, watch out for:

  • Minor leaks. On a rainy day, it’s a good decision to take a quick peek at your gutters to see how they’re getting along. If you spot small amounts of water leaking from a section, be sure to get it repaired to avoid bigger issues!
  • Gutters pulling away from the house. Whether it’s simply due to age or a more unpredictable problem like a fallen tree branch, gutters can occasionally loosen a bit and start to pull away. It’s an inconvenient problem to have, but it’s a fairly easy fix for a trained professional.
  • Rust. While the presence of rust can quickly lead to long-term damage, if the problem is caught and handled early enough, then a repair service is all you’ll need.
  • Missing parts or parts on the ground. Have you found a screw lying around in your yard? Or maybe a fastener? Look to your gutters and ensure everything is in place. If bits are coming loose, you’ll need an expert to perform a repair service.

Signs You Need Gutter Replacement

Replacement becomes necessary when either issues advance far beyond what a simple repair can handle, or when the replacement service simply offers you more advantages. At Shanco we often recommend gutter replacement when:

  • There’s extensive rust. If left alone for too long, rust will rapidly spread and cause permanent damage to gutters. Any patch larger than a couple of inches will usually lead to a complete gutter replacement.
  • Cracks or holes appear in the gutters. Once cracks or holes start showing up, you’ll quickly start a losing battle with rust. The cracks create weak points in the coating on the galvanized or stainless material.
  • There are signs of water damage along your siding or windows. Preventing excess water from running down the side of your home is part of a gutter’s job. If it’s failing to do so, and you’re seeing rot or mold on your siding, it’s probably time for a replacement.

Gutter Repair & Replacement in MD, VA & DC

The home service experts at Shanco have been offering gutter repair, replacement, and gutter guard services to homeowners for decades now. With our skill and experience we can quickly assess which option best suits your needs.

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