Help! My Gutters Are Leaking from Behind!

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on our blog knows that the experts at Shanco are big advocates of gutters. No other system is more important to the health of your roof and home, and when it comes to avoiding water damage, there’s simply nothing better. But what happens when water seems to be getting behind your gutters altogether?

Shanco has been providing superior installation and gutter repair in Gaithersburg for years, and when it comes to diagnosing and troubleshooting, no one else even holds a candle to us! So if water is totally circumventing your gutters, we can provide some answers that might clue you into what’s going on.

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Why Is Water Getting Behind My Gutters?

There are a few potential causes here, so let’s go over them one by one:

  • Your gutters are damaged. Probably the number one cause for incomplete water diversion, rusty, poorly maintained gutters are pretty likely to start failing in their job. Corrosion can leave your gutters full of holes, or can begin eating at the area where your gutter is supposed to make seamless contact with your roof.
  • Sagging or disconnected gutters. You might think your gutters aren’t sagging, but keep in mind they they need to be perfectly in line with your roof to perform properly. Gutters that have begun to move away from the roof, or ones that are sagging in places are pretty likely to develop a backside water leak.
  • Poorly installed gutters. Your your gutters to do their job right, they should be making perfect contact with the roof at what we call the “drip edge” (or roof apron, depending on who you’re talking to). The drip edge ensures water diverts properly into your gutters, and gutters that were poorly installed could have a number of problems. The drip edge could be lacking proper sealing, they could have missed a nail, and in some nightmare scenarios we’ve heard of the drip edge has been totally missing!
  • Recent roof installation. During a roof repair or roof replacement, there are occasions where the roofer may fail to take the gutter into account at all. Any changes to the roof (especially those that may alter the pitch of your roof in any way) have to be equalized with the rest of your home, gutters included!

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