Holiday Lighting Safety

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Yes, the Holidays are reaching an apex. We know most homeowners are looking forward to stringing together what likely promises to be an exceptional show of festive lighting! But before you do, the experts at Shanco wanted to pass along some important tips. Accidents that occur as a result of hanging lighting aren’t common, per se, but they can be very serious. Take a moment to peruse our quick and simple list of holiday safety tips regarding how to hang holiday lights!

Use Dependable Equipment

Knowing how to hang holiday lights is important, but choosing the right loadout for the job is equally so:

  • Use a dependable ladder. There are a lot of hard to reach places around the homestead. When you reach for your ladder, do a few quick checks. The ladder should be in good condition, with no dents, cracks or missing rungs. Also be sure to use a ladder that is up to the task. literally. A ladder that is too short can mean serious danger. The top rung is not for your feet!
  • Hooks. At all costs, avoid using nails, staples or tacks to hang your lighting. Even the smallest miscalculation, or the least noticeable damage to your strands could mean a possibility for electrical fire. Instead, we would recommend using hooks, or a similar tool to safely hang your lights.
  • Choose the right extension cord. If you need the use of an extension cord to make an electrical connection, be sure it’s suited for the occasion. Outdoor cords for outdoor, indoor for indoor. Why? Because an outdoor cable has been prepared to deal with weather, whereas an indoor carries the risk of electrical damage.

Hang Smart

Here are a few point to keep in mind on how to hang holiday lights safely:

  • Consider LED lights. Not only are they more efficient from a cost of operation standpoint, they’re safer too. LED lights don’t burn warm, unlike older lights, meaning they won’t run the risk of overheating either themselves, or their surroundings. Speaking of…
  • Avoid hanging near combustibles. Even with LED strands. Anything that generates electricity poses a risk of combusting its surroundings; particularly if the wire has damage that has gone unnoticed.
  • Plan with tidiness in mind. A massive jumble of wires is hard to avoid when hanging lights, either with the strands themselves, or with the electrical cords you’re likely using. Plan as best you can to avoid this! It creates a tripping hazard, as well as an electrical one.

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Keep Safe this Season With Shanco

We take pride in not only providing our patrons with the best service and skill possible, but also bringing any tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years to the table. Safety and security are one of our biggest concerns, so plan smart and plan safe this year, and Happy Holidays!

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