When was the last time you spruced up your home? Has it been 10 years since you last renovated? If so, you may need some quality home improvement again! A house that has been renovated not only has more value but also looks and functions better. And if you’re looking for the best home improvement contractors and remodelers in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area, you’re in luck!

Shanco Companies has been providing reliable home improvement services in the area for more than 20 years, from roof and gutter repair and replacement and skylight installation to window and door services, kitchen remodeling and more!

Home Improvement Benefits

Remodeling the interior and exterior of your home has several benefits, one of the most obvious being enhanced appearance. Home improvement projects can also:
  • Increase curb appeal
  • Increase durability and potentially save you money later on down the road
  • Help your home better cater to your lifestyle and needs
  • Save space in your home and even create more usable space

Home Improvement Benefits: Enhancing Appearance

With a remodeled kitchen and a new and improved home exterior, your house will look brand new again and will be sure to impress all the neighbors. After a home improvement makeover, your yard and home will be less cluttered and look much cleaner.

Home Improvement Benefits: Boosting Curb Appeal & Value

This is particularly important if you know you’ll be selling in a few years. Home improvement projects enhance the value of your home, especially things like interior remodeling, bay windows, skylights, front door upgrades, etc. You can always contact us for tips on how to increase curb appeal and your home’s value.

Home Improvement Benefits: Increasing Durability & Saving Money

Whether you want more energy efficient windows and doors, better siding and trim or need to fix those gutters you’ve never gotten around to (or you’re unable to repair yourself), it’s easy to increase the durability of your home with the right home improvement company. Many renovation projects not only improve your home’s durability but can also potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair and maintenance costs later on down the road! When it comes to home improvement, improving durability can also mean improving security. While this is not a service that we offer, you may want to install something like a home camera system to make sure that your home is as safe as possible. If this interests you, you want to check out some home security cameras reviews to give you a better idea.

Home Improvement Benefits: Improving Functionality

When you hire a professional home improvement and remodeling company, you’re ensuring your home seamlessly matches your lifestyle and needs. From a more efficient counter layout to an open floor plan to windows that better complement the style of your home and keep your home more comfortable year round, your options are endless when it comes to increasing functionality.

Home Improvement Benefits: Creating More Space

Do you constantly feel like your home is too cluttered? Do you need more usable space? If so, a professional home improvement and remodelling company can really help you. With the right home remodel, you can create more space and a more efficient layout in the interior of your home. You don't necessarily have to get rid of your furniture in fashion high gloss TV stand for a new one, but you can rest assured that it will be protected along with all of your other furniture during the remodelling process.

Is Remodeling For Me?

Even if you aren’t trying to up your home’s re-sale value, kitchen and bathroom remodeling (as well as exterior home remodeling projects like installing new siding and trim and roofing, etc) can be extremely beneficial. If you have a historic home, for instance, remodeling can create a modernized, more efficient space (open floor plan, energy efficiency windows, etc). A friend noted that while remodeling is a great option, before any remodeling work, its a good idea to have a full termite inspection done by a professional because its often hard to tell until the damage is done.

For more information on home improvement benefits or if you need a professional home improvement and remodeling company, contact Shanco today!