It’s almost Labor Day weekend—this (sadly) marks the end of summer and the approach of fall. Soon temperatures will drop and leaves will start falling. Although the autumn can be beautiful here in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, it’s not as pretty for your gutters.

In terms of gutters, falling leaves mean one thing: clogs.

Are your gutters prepared? Fortunately, it’s not all that difficult to keep gutter clogs and other problems to a minimum! This is where gutter guards can really come in handy.

Are Gutter Guards Worth It?

One question that may be on your mind as you start preparing your home for the fall is “Should I install gutter guards?” It’s not a bad question! Here at Shanco Companies, we think gutter guards are completely worth it, especially in the fall. Gutter guards—systems installed directly onto your gutters to keep out leaves and other debris without hindering the water flow—offer a number of benefits.

They can greatly reduce or eliminate clogging, which helps prevent:

  • Basement water problems, like flooding
  • Roof leaks
  • Foundation damage
  • Siding and drywall damage
  • Soil erosion and other landscaping issues
Keep in mind that gutter guards can also help prevent damage to the actual gutters. If gutters experience serious clogging or other problems, they can become loose or even detached, which can be costly and inconvenient. You’re not likely to break the bank installing gutter guards and they can provide long-term protection to your gutters and home, giving you peace of mind, year in and year out! We believe that’s worth it, especially for those who live in wooded areas where falling leaves may be a bigger issue.

In addition to gutter guards, proper gutter cleaning and maintenance is also key to preventing major problems and extending the life of your gutter system.

Gutter & Gutter Guard Services in the DC Metropolitan Area

Do you want to install gutter guards and keep your gutters and home protected this fall and throughout the year? Shanco installs Alcoa’s Leaf Relief™ system, which is compatible with all roof systems and is backed by a convenient 10-year product warranty.

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