When it comes to doors, in general, it's something that most people tend to not think about a lot, so when it comes to doors, people also tend to take them for granted!  Imagine if you will, a home without doors.  Only then will you begin to truly realize how important they really are.  Not only do they keep your house and the stuff inside the house secure from burglars, but they also keep the hot air out in the summer and the cold air out in the winter, among other things!  If you aren't sure if you need a door replacement or repair, here are a few warning signs.

Ways to Tell if You Need a New Door

  1. Rough Opening and Closing: One of the easiest ways to tell if you need a new door is by simply opening and closing it!  If you notice that the door has warped and its hard to close or that its off the hinges, cracked or there are spaces between the door and the frame or the hinges and its super loose, well you probably need a new door!
  2. How it Looks: When a door is first installed it's a thing of beauty.  It's perfectly painted, there are no holes, dents, cracks, spaces or rust.  If you've had your door for a few years, chances are you are having one or all of these issues.  If that's the case, it's time for a new door.
  3. Missing Pieces: Missing pieces like a threshold or rotting/warping in the door jamb or the door itself are all warning signs that you need a new door.  Some other instances of missing pieces could include missing bolts and screws, missing parts on the knob - which leaves your home less secure - or a broken or missing eye hole.
  4. Drafty and Cold or Hot and Humid: Another way to tell if you need a new door is by simply feeling around the door. The top, the sides, and the bottom should have no air coming inside.  You shouldn't feel cold drafts or hot air coming through these sections of the door.
  5. Seeing Light: If you are in your hallway or foyer and it's dark in the space, but you can see the outside light coming in from the sun or street lights, you need a better door.  If you have a door where the light is coming in through the sides, bottom, top or seams, you are essentially experiencing air loss.  This goes back to the other sign above which relates to loss of heat (warm air) going out the door or cold (air conditioning) going out the door.  You are literally wasting money with a door like this.
  6. Check The Panes Of Glass: If you have a door with window panes and you notice that the glass is becoming "wet" with moisture, this is also a sign you need a new door. If you have double pane windows, and if you have them for a long time, the seal between the panes can break and this will lead to moisture between the two panes.
  7. Letter from Gated Communities: A lot of the gated communities around the country have home associations that make sure that the homes in the area, including all the parts on a home, are in working condition and look attractive. If you recently got a letter from the association that your door is, less than attractive, you need a new door and you need it stat.

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