While a skylight might not be the exact selling point of a home, and it might not be why you bought your home in the first place, it sure can help. Skylights are a great visual addition to any home, adding natural light in an unobstructive way, and creating openness. But, the skylights in your new home fall under the same category as everything else: It’s an unknown. What we mean is, while a skylight is gorgeous, it can be a huge potential source for stress if something is amiss, or if the skylight is in need of repair.

Don’t worry! Our experts have laid out all the quick knowledge and know-how you need to identify potential issues and threats with the skylights in your new Maryland home!

Common Skylight Repair Issues and How to Identify Them

Luckily, skylights are fairly easy to inspect. If you keep an eye out for any of the following issues, you should be able to spot them right away if they’re present:
  • Leaking. A leaky skylight can be a little sneaky, but there are some clear signs that indicate a problem. Look for water damage around the skylight itself. This will be darkened spots present on the ceiling or walls in the immediate area. If you note condensation on the inside of a skylight, it may be a leak, or simply a product of humidity present in the home.
  • Inspect the flashing. Flashing (essentially the frame of your skylight) can create leaks if not attended to. The flashing may be too large, feature small fissures or cracks, or it may have experienced rotting at some point. All of these are visually obvious!
  • Feel for drafts. A draft of air that is clearly from the outside is a warning sign that you need skylight repair immediately.
  • If applicable, check the coating. Modern skylights make use of UV resistant coatings much of the time. If your skylight features this, be sure to ensure it’s intact. If it's not, you’ll spot it right away.

Window and Skylight Repair in Maryland, DC and Virginia

Whether you’re just buying your home, or you’ve been a resident for years, the experts at Shanco are here to ensure you get the service and products you deserve! If you spot an issue with your windows or skylights, contact us right away! We can have your repair and replacement (if necessary) done in no time, and our work is second to none!

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