Having trouble deciding on your new doors in Rockville? Whether you’re trying to figure out the best door for patio access or simply access to the outside, you’ll notice that there are tons of options out there. But out of all door options out there, sliding and french doors are the most popular.

So which one is best for your home?

Sliding Doors

These doors (the ones pictured above are from the manufacturer Simonton, so if you want them for your home, call us!) are most commonly used in contemporary and modern-style homes, though they can extremely versatile. At Shanco, we install patio sliding doors on a very regular basis; they’re quite popular! But what makes a sliding door so good?
  • Clean home lighting option. Sliding doors are as much a window as they are a door. This means they let in some great sunlight, lighting up your home with warm and appealing natural light that can do wonders for your mood and home’s appeal.
  • Convenient and cost-effective. Generally speaking, sliding doors and their installation are going to run you a bit less financially speaking. Additionally, the installation process is pretty quick, providing you with a fast and fancy solution when you need it.
  • Space saver. Since sliding doors, of course, slide, they don’t obstruct the area around them like other door types. This can be great for some home layouts, particularly when space is at a premium or you’re looking to do some intensive decorating nearby.
Some find the sliding aspect to be a bit cumbersome, particularly if you do a lot of party hosting at your Maryland home. And then there is of course a concern about a massive pane of glass, as glass can certainly break. This is more rare than you might expect, however, as sliding door glass is quite thick.

French Doors

French doors (again, above are Simonton French Doors) make a timeless classic with unparalleled appeal. They are most often found in classic or rustic homes, but any home can benefit from their unique benefits:
  • Sheer aesthetics. We’ve said this once, sure, but it is hard to overstate just how gorgeous a set of good french doors can be. These doors can find a home in any style, and are very functional as well.
  • Secure door options. French doors feature less glass, making them a bit better on the energy-efficiency front (though there are some exceptions). They’re also overall sturdier when it comes to weathering storms and high winds.
  • Home access. Because you can open both doors simultaneously, many homeowners love french doors for home access. It’s great for home party or gathering traffic, and can make lugging in new furniture a lot easier.
You can basically tell what the downsides here are by now. French doors take up a bit more space (because of how they open), tend to be a bit pricier, and might not fit with your home’s style.

New Doors in Rockville with Shanco

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