Shingles roof and valley of a small grey home.

Hearing some odd sounds coming from your roof? Is your roof creaky when it’s windy? Before you sound the alarm, there are some important facts about a creaking roof that the experts at Shanco would like you to know! 

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What Causes a Roof to Creak? 

There are quite a few reasons that your roof may begin to creak. Some are signs of damage or potential harm to your roof, but a few are far less insidious. To be sure you’re getting the service you need, our experts have compiled a list of the most common causes of a creaky roof and strange house noise: 

  • Nighttime creaking. Does your roof only creak at night? This is most likely due to sudden changes in temperature and humidity levels. It’s common, and not much of a cause for concern. Nighttime creaking comes as a byproduct of warmed roofing materials cooling, and thus constricting slightly. The action is harmless but creates a soft creaking sound. Most homeowners notice this behavior in the spring and summer months, but it can happen year-round. 

  • Creaking in the wind. Particularly in predominantly wood-structure buildings, some creaking in heavy wind is not all that uncommon. However, if your roof creaks at the slightest breeze, or in mild to moderate weather, it’s a good idea to have the issue assessed by a professional. The sound may indicate a structural weakness due to age, poor construction or water damage. 

  • Creaking when on the roof. If you’ve hopped up to clear leaves or check a damaged shingle due to strong wind and notice creaking noises when you step in certain areas, it’s best to call a roofer. Do not attempt to assess the situation on your own, especially if the roof gives a bit while you’re walking on it. 

  • Roof popping noises. If you’ve ever heard roof popping noises, the event is unsettling at best. However, this strange house sound is the byproduct of something very normal—temperature changes in your home’s interior that cause lumber and similar materials to budge and move. This expansion and contraction may sound jarring, but it is perfectly fine. 

  • Unsourceable creaking. If your roof just downright creaks, with no obvious cause, call a professional roofer! This absolutely should not happen, and if it is, there’s likely a cause that needs to be addressed immediately. A thorough roof inspection will give you the peace of mind that your roof system is operating as it should. 

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Creaking Prevention 

No-risk creaking like that of nighttime or temperature drop creaking can be somewhat mitigated by ensuring the ventilation in your attic is up to date. This can improve energy efficiency and helps to reduce obnoxious creaking by making temperature shifts more “natural” and paced. 

To avoid the potentially harmful causes for roof creaking, be sure to call on a professional roofer to perform roof maintenance annually. A certified expert can assess your roof, address any potential threats, and handle them before anything goes awry! This can prevent costly roof repair and ensures your roof performs optimally for a lifetime. 

Professional Roof Repair with Shanco 

We would like to note that any time you hear odd sounds from your roof or home structure is a good time to call in a professional. Assessment and maintenance are key to a healthy home!  

At Shanco, our teams of certified roofing specialists are ready and equipped to bring you the commercial and residential roofing service you deserve!  

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