It’s National Preparedness Month: How to Prep Your Home’s Exterior for a Disaster

The safety and security of your home and its inhabitants are, of course, the absolute number one priority in the face of a natural disaster. Ensuring you reduce risk and chance for permanent damage to your structure is paramount to achieving this, and as such being appropriately prepared becomes necessity.

To ensure you’re prepared for any disaster, the experts at Shanco have compiled a checklist, noting the biggest and most critical concerns regarding securing your home’s exterior against inclement threats.

Disaster Preparation: Exterior Home Maintenance

Regardless of which natural occurrence you’re dealing with, proper exterior home maintenance plays a crucial role.

  • Remove fixtures. You may love that garden gnome, but it doesn’t mean you want him crashing through your front window. Remove decorations, children’s toys and any other items that may be damaged, or become a source of damage to your home. That includes patio furniture and other unsecured items.
  • Clean up detritus. Fallen limbs, damaged branches and unsecured flora can create a huge issue in the face of a disaster. Be sure all rotted or potentially dangerous plant life is taken care of.
  • Reinforce windows. Broken glass is a huge issue when dealing with a disaster. Permanent storm shutters are the best solution, and should be taken into consideration if you live in an area that deals with disasters consistently. In a pinch, marine grade wood can be used to secure windows (taping a window is a wives tale. Do not count on this method for the security of your home).
  • Be sure your gutters are up to snuff. Gutters should be reinforced, and in perfect working condition. Be sure that there are no clogs present whatsoever, as well.
  • Secure your roof. Additional clips or straps can reduce damage to your roof, the first line of defense against disasters.

Additional Tips

Just as important as securing your exterior, there are some other grounds that should be covered.

  • Be supplied. Kept food, fresh water and alternate sources of light should always be handy. A dependable flashlight and lantern can go a long way in the event you’re without power for extended periods of time, and for areas that experience serious storm issues, we would recommend an emergency generator.
  • First-aid. In the scramble that disasters cause, accidents can happen. Keep a fully stocked aid kit that includes bandages, styptic, antibiotics, painkillers and burn creams. Having an approved, working fire extinguisher is also a must.
  • Keep tools. On the fly securing and repair may become a real concern, so be sure to have an adequate toolbox nearby.
  • Know your area. Be fully aware of the disasters that may occur where you live. knowing what to expect is half of the battle.

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Keep Up with Your Exterior Home Maintenance, and Be Ready

It all comes down to knowing what to do, and knowing how to be prepared. We at Shanco hope all of our consumers put this checklist to use, and be ready for any possibility. For more information on exterior home maintenance, contact us online today!



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