The Pros and Cons of Copper Gutters

As one of the top roofing contractors in Maryland, the experts at Shanco naturally spend a lot of time with gutters. Knowing what’s available, and how it applies best to your home or business is a top priority, as it allows us to present our patrons with the best services and products possible. In the past, we’ve discussed gutter guards, the benefits of gutters, and how they apply to your home. There are many different materials used for guttering all over the globe! Some people prefer to use plastic for their guttering. People of this opinion in the UK should make sure they find reputable Plastic Building Suppliers to carry out the job. But do you know much about copper gutters?

Installing copper gutters can bring you a number of benefits, some similar to other gutter types, but some unique to the material itself. Let’s go over the pros and cons so we can see if installing copper gutters is the right move for you!

Installing Copper Gutters: The Good and the Bad

The benefits of copper are many, and they’ve seen a huge increase in use over the past 20 years. With copper gutters, you get:

  • Improved durability. Despite the natural malleability of the material, copper gutters actually weather extreme temperatures and inclement weather better than steel gutters. This gives you a better product that lasts much longer.
  • Rust-proof. Corrosion and rust are virtually a non-issue with copper. It does not rust at all, and corrosion only comes in the form of a greenish coat of iron oxidization, which can easily be buffed out of the metal. Many homeowners even leave the oxide intact as an aesthetic choice (we call the oxidization a patina).
  • Longevity. Properly maintained, it’s not unreasonable to expect a life of up to a century from your copper gutters. traditional materials like vinyl and steel need replacing much more frequently.
  • Aesthetics and curb appeal. A copper gutter (or roof, even!) is unmistakable. The appearance is unique, and highly desirable, helping your home’s resale value and overall appeal.

Now, as great as copper is, and no matter how highly we recommend it (and we do), like anything else; copper gutters have some drawbacks:

  • Cost. Hands down the biggest concern of any home or business owner, copper is not cheap. You absolutely get what you pay for. A superior, visually appealing product. But a copper gutter installation can cost many times more than other gutter types available.
  • Complex installation. The professionals at Shanco are more than capable of installing copper gutters built to last, but it’s a much more intensive labor-wise. This means even more cost for installation, which is something to consider.

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Excellent Copper Gutters with Shanco in Gaithersburg

The bottom line is this: copper gutters are superior, gorgeous and long-lived. But, they’re generally considered a luxury. We would highly recommend them to any of our consumers, and would be more than glad to provide gutters you can be proud of. Just be aware of the caveats! Contact Shanco today to learn more about our copper gutter options, or to set an appointment!



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