Everything You Need to Know About Sun Bleached Siding


The right siding installation for your home provides a bunch of really nice benefits. High quality siding reduces risks to your home, can increase overall energy efficiency, and can make a handsome contribution to your curb appeal as well! But much like anything else, there are some conditions and factors that can impact you siding (some quite literally) and its lifespan. The most common of these? Sun damage.

The certified team at Shanco works day in and day out to ensure we’re always bringing you the best, whether it be top quality siding replacement, or just some good info! What is sun damage and how does it affect the lifespan of your siding? Answers to this and more, coming right up!

Sun Damage and How it Bleaches Your Siding

Sun damage, in its essence, is exactly what it sounds like. The sun drops some pretty heavy rays on our homes (UV radiation), and these have a demonstrable impact on pretty much everything. Color fading (photodegradation, if you’re feeling fancy) affects roofs, carpets, furniture, and of course, siding!

Effective Lifespans

When you purchased your siding and had it installed, it likely came with an average or projected lifespan. Now this number, in a perfect world, and barring any incident, is roughly how long you can expect to go without a siding replacement. However, this world of ours is great, but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for “perfect”.

The actual lifespan of your siding, and pretty much anything else, is impacted by two things: it’s quality when you purchased it, and how much effort is put into preserving it. This means maintenance, cleaning, etc. Sadly, there’s not much to be done about siding on the preservation front where fading is concerned. Which is why it is imperative that you seek high quality and fade-resistant siding when you go for a siding replacement.

Sun Bleached Older Siding

Think your ten, twenty, or even thirty year old siding isn’t faded? You may want to reconsider. Particularly if the siding is vinyl. Why? Because older vinyl siding was made as what essentially amounted to a big block of plastic. This material wasn’t especially fade-resistant, nor did it lend itself well to longevity.

Current day vinyl is treated with a polymer blend that resists fading, extending the color and beauty of your home’s siding by years.

When Should I Seek Siding Replacement?

Just ballparking and barring any incident, it’s a solid idea to replace every decade or so, especially if your siding is insulated (as it should be!). This way you keep the best color possible, and you can be totally sure that your siding is strong and resilient enough to deal with the heavy storms that can plague our area.
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