When Should I Replace My Cedar Shake Roof?

when to replace cedar shake roofing - a cedar shake roof that needs to be replaced with cracks

Are you wondering when to replace cedar shake roofing? We’re happy to answer!

A cedar shake roof is outright one of the most visually appealing and durable roofing types out there. But while they’re built to last, they’re not built to last forever. Nothing really is! If your cedar shake roofing looks a little worn, it’s good to start looking into a cedar shake roof replacement. Read on to see the details. 

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When Should I Replace a Cedar Shake Roof?

cedar shake roof replacement on a townhouse in rockville

It’s not always the easiest decision—we know. Doubly so since shake tends to be some seriously sturdy stuff, meaning you’ve probably found it really reliable up until now. But if you’re having doubts, are thinking about roof replacement, or find yourself asking “where can I find roofers near me?” then you’ve come to the right folks.

The good news is that the signs of a needed replacement are really quite clear, so if you’re dealing with any of these, then your decision is pretty simple:

  • Losing lots of shakes. If a single shake or two has gone off and vanished, then you’re not in too much trouble. Replacing single shakes is a pretty easy job for a roofing team, and the cost is minimal. But if shakes are disappearing on the regular, it may be time to talk to a professional about replacing.
  • Serious shake damage. Severe splitting, curling, and buckling are all signs of a roof in need of serious help—and maybe a complete replacement. These signs typically crop up after serious weather problems, or on roofs that are getting on in years.
  • Dealing with too much water. Getting leaks and signs of water damage in your home? If so, replacement might not be far off. You might talk to an expert about repair first, though, just to be cost-minded.
  • It’s been a long, long time. A cedar shake roof in Maryland can be expected to last a really solid period of time, but once you’re past the 25-30 year range it’s a wise decision to have it very regularly inspected. Around this time signs of wear and tear tend to get a lot more frequent, and an early replacement can save you a lot of heartache and cost in the future.

Cedar Shake Roof Replacement in Rockville, MD

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