Roof Repair vs. Replacement: How to Know the Difference

When roof damage occurs, it can often be hard to decide whether you should call for a repair service or a replacement. What do you do? Well, you can (and should) do two things: you should learn the basics of knowing the difference and you should consult a trusted roofing contractor.

At Shanco Companies, we can provide you with both services. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the easiest ways to spot roof damage and how to ballpark what service you need.

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Signs You Need Roof Repair

Repair is often less costly and less time consuming, though it lacks some of the perks of a fresh roof replacement. Typically, the following issues can be repaired:

  • One-off missing shingles. If you’ve got a reasonably new shingle roof but find a shingle or two missing, the cause is likely simple storm damage, pests, or high winds. In most cases, this is repairable.
  • Shingle granules in gutter or in yard. Even after a year or two, it’s not uncommon for shingles to lose some measure of their coating. Provided the issue isn’t due to age or widespread, repair is usually a great option.
  • Minor leaks. Simple leaks caused by wear and tear or impact damage can frequently be repaired, provided it’s handled quickly. Waiting too long can cause extensive water and weather damage, leading to a necessary replacement.

Signs You Need Roof Replacement

Sometimes repair just doesn’t cut it. These are some of the most common signs that you need a roof replacement:

  • Extreme cases of the above issues. Any of the problems we discussed regarding repair can lead to needing a replacement. If any of them are extensive, or recurrent, then replacement makes more sense and will cause a lot less stress.
  • Signs of a shoddy installation. Sometimes even a new roof will need to be replaced. A poor roofing job can show a lot of different signs, but many of them mean the job needs to be redone.
  • Age and extensive wear. The average life expectancy of a modern roof can range from 20-50 years depending on the materials used. But starting at the 15 year mark, routine inspections should become an annual occurrence since it’s only a matter of time before trouble crops up.

Beyond the clear signs, it’s also worth mentioning that in many cases replacement can save you a lot of time and headacheas well as money. It makes little sense to shell out for a repair on an old roof, for example, since you’ll need to replace it within a year or three. Instead, save the repair cost and get a service that provides you with everything you need at once!

Roof Repair & Replacement in MD, VA & DC

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