As we get closer to January, it’s important for homeowners in the Washington, DC and surrounding Maryland areas to be on the lookout for winter damage to their homes. Severe winter weather like snow, cold winds, and sub-zero temperatures can cause significant damage to the siding and exterior of your home. By checking for winter damage to your home as we get to the midwinter point, you’ll save yourself extra work and extra money on costly repairs come the spring.

Winter Damage to Watch Out For in the DC and Maryland Areas

Examine your home’s foundation for cracks

Perform a thorough inspection of your home’s foundation, keeping an eye out for hairline cracks and leaks. In the Maryland and Washington, DC area, only the top layers of the soil will freeze, allowing the bottom layers to accumulate moisture. As the top layer freezes, it puts more weight on the soil below, pushing on the foundation and forcing water through hairline cracks. If you see any hairline cracks, repair them immediately to prevent having a nasty surprise come spring. You're going to want to make sure the heating unit is in good working order to ensure it keeps you and your family warm all winter. For more information check out, Furnace repair twin falls ID, who may have a solution for you.

Check the roof for missing shingles or holes

If you’ve been using a rake to clear snow off the roof, you may have accidentally pried some shingles loose. If left unrepaired, leaking becomes a bigger risk in the winter storms of January and February in the DC and Maryland areas. Because the roof may be icy or slick, it might be best to hire a professional for an inspection. If you do choose to inspect it yourself, always have at least one person holding the ladder, and take extra care to check around the chimney or any skylights, as these areas are the most susceptible to leaks.

Inspect your windows and doors for winter damage

If you wait until spring to check your windows and doors for gaps and leaks, you will lose a lot of money on your heating bill through the rest of winter. Another risk in winter is your window getting stress cracks, which occur when there is a drastic change in temperature on the glass panes of your window. If you see any cracks, call a professional to either replace or repair your window.

Clear out your gutters and trim the trees around your home

Don’t wait until the snow melts to clear your gutters of debris and take care of that hanging branch that broke during a winter storm. If you allow too much debris to build up in your gutters, it will clog them and could even cause them to fall off under the extra weight. If you see any branches in danger of falling on the roof, cut them away before they fall to avoid broken windows and holes in your roof.

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Checking your home for winter damage now will save you from being overloaded with yard work and costly repairs to the exterior of your home this spring. Taking proper care of your house will extend its life and save you money in the long run.

If you see any of the above winter damage to your home, call the professionals at Shanco to get the exterior of your home ready to withstand the rest of the winter months. Contact us today with any questions!