The snow is starting to melt in most parts of the United States, including the D.C. metro area. That means it’s time to get outside and assess the damage this past winter has done to the exterior of your home. Catching issues, like loose siding or problems with your drainage system, early in the season, can help prevent more costly repairs later on. So, what should you look for? We have a partial list of potential home and siding maintenance issues to look for this spring.

Don’t have time to inspect your home on your own? Contact Shanco for a Spring check-up!

Is Your Home Ready for Spring?

Make sure it is with the following maintenance checks:

  1. Inspect your drainage system. Your gutter and downspouts carry rain and melted snow away from your home. When these essential elements become clogged, water can cascade right off of the side of your roof, creating trenches in your garden beds and allowing water to enter your basement and/or crawl spaces. Winter ice and snow can compromise your gutters’ efficiency and even cause them to come detached from your eaves. One of the first things you want to do in the spring is to make sure that your roof drainage system is working as it should. If your drainage system is clogged, or the excess of snow has caused your gutters to dislodge from the eaves of your home, contact Shanco for gutter repair to prevent damage to the base of your home.
  2. Look at the trim around your windows and doors. The trim boards around your doors and windows can also take a beating during the winter. Scraping and painting these boards in the spring will not only help your curb appeal, but will help keep those boards from having to be replaced sooner than necessary. When not properly taken care of, the wood around windows can rot, leaving you to need window repair or even a whole window replacement.
  3. Look for hairline cracks in your foundation. Winter freezing and thawing can also cause tiny cracks in your foundation. While these generally aren’t a structural concern, these tiny spaces are another place water can enter your home, not to mention wood-eating bugs like termites. Tackle this issue with a tube of quick-drying cement on a clear, dry day when the temperature is above 50 degrees.
  4. Check for loose siding. Spring siding maintenance is also essential to keeping your home dry and looking its best. During the winter, pieces of siding can become loosened, allowing water to get behind them. Left unchecked, this water can get behind your walls, rotting support beams and causing unsightly stains on your plaster and drywall. If your siding has peeled away from your house or has cracked, you may need to get it replaced, but Shanco can help you with any necessary siding repairs as well.
  5. Inspect your porch and decks. Porches, too, can suffer from heavy snow and winter winds. Wood panels can suffer mildew and rot at the soil line. Make sure your gutters are in good shape, and you can even throw down a new coat of paint to help protect your deck and porch in the future.

Regular maintenance is just a part of being a homeowner. Finding issues sooner rather than later is important to keep potential damage and expense under control. If you find an issue during your early spring inspection, Shanco can help you fix the issue so that your home stays beautiful the entire year.