All windows provide natural light, but skylights are amazing because they allow both natural light and the beauty of the sky into your home. Many people choose to install skylights in their bedrooms so they can watch the stars as they fall asleep. However, you may experience issues with your skylights during their lifespan, including condensation. 

If you've ever looked up to see condensation on your skylights, you can assume it's there for a reason—and it can lead to problems down the road. Keep reading to find out more and contact Shanco for skylight repair and installation! 

Why Do Skylights Leak? 

Skylights come in different styles, shapes and sizes. Regardless of the type of skylight you have, they all have a flashing system.  This system is essentially the seal that is placed between the roof and the frame of the skylight and is what keeps things like rain, snow and wind outdoors where they belong.  If you have a leak though, this can turn into a few different issues and can cause extra damage on your part as a homeowner such as damage to your roof, ceiling and even the floor below it. 

Most homeowners realize they have a leak when it’s a little too late - they find a puddle of water below the skylight and sometimes this water can saturate the floor below it. 

Condensation from Outside vs. Leaks 

Believe it or not, but sometimes signs of condensation don’t automatically mean there is a leak.  In fact, sometimes if you see water near the bottom of the skylight it could just be because you have a lot of humidity in your house, and it might be cold outside.  One way to tell the difference is by checking the flashing and the water.  If it’s a few drops and it’s caught in the channel, it’s probably just regular condensation. 

On the other hand, if there is a significant amount of water dripping onto your floor, it could be an issue with the flashing.  Another sign is if you see any stains around the roof or around the unit or the tunnel. 

Whatever you do, make sure that you don’t try any quick fixes, especially with regards to tar.  Some homeowners have tried this thinking that it was a quick fix, only to realize that while it was a temporary fix it instead led to bigger and more expensive problems in the long run. 

What to Do if the Skylight Flashing Is Failing 

Beyond just being a tongue twister, this is an issue that many skylight owners have had happen to them—it’s not uncommon to have to call in a company like Shanco for a new skylight installation.   

But it should be noted that if it’s just the flashing, the skylight installation is probably going to be replacing just the flashing itself not the entire window.  If the window is cracked or leaking, it's old, warped or there are any other issues with it, then the installer will place a new window, tunnel, flasher and all the other interlocking parts into the area. 

Skylight Installation & Repair with Shanco 

Whether your skylight is large or small, old or new, Velux skylight, Wasco or customized, Shanco has the expertise and experience to help you. From skylight installation to repair or replacement, we can take care of any skylight service needs you may have in Maryland, Washington DC, northern Virginia, or Richmond. Contact Shanco today!