Thinking it may be a good idea to install gutter guards to prepare for this fall season? The experts at Shanco think that’s an excellent decision, and let us tell you why!

Why Install Gutter Guards?

  • Guards keep your gutters debris-free. Fall may bring about a lot of great things, but those gorgeous fall leaves have a tendency to infiltrate your gutters very quickly. Clogged gutters are in fact worse than no gutters at all, and present a variety of issues for your roof.
  • Reduces changes of rust build-up. By ensuring clear, proper flow, gutter guards keep your gutters from retaining moisture and developing rust.
  • Provides additional structural integrity. Gutter guards add to the strength of your gutters, improving performance and extending lifespan pretty dramatically.
  • Helps preserve your roof.  by reducing the chances for standing water, guards help ensure your roof doesn’t have to combat rotting and mold growth.
  • Assists in protecting your foundation. Clogged, abused gutters will simply stop doing their job. Excess rain water, at this point, will spill over your gutters in places you do not want it to, and present hazards to your foundation.
  • Decreases the likelihood of insect infestations. Debris-laden gutters are dark and moist. In other words, the perfect breeding ground for insects looking for a warmer place to nest up as the temperatures drop. Gutter guards not only keep many insects themselves out, but also block the detritus they love to call home from filling your gutters.
  • Stops critter invasions. Much like the bugs, small critters like birds and squirrels may find your gutters pretty appealing. Gutter guards keep these unwanted guests out!
  • Allows for simpler maintenance. Whether you check your gutters monthly, bi-monthly or yearly (not recommended!), it will be a lot simpler to get in, clean up and get out if you have gutter guards.
  • Helps keep you from falling off the ladder. Fall accidents are staggeringly common, with homeowners climbing to clean gutters three or more times in a single season. Guards will make maintenance much less necessary, and save you the frustration of over frequent rooftop ventures.
  • Saves on money and stress. Yes, they initially cost money. But, over the next few years (or even in a single year), they quickly pay for themselves. Reduced maintenance, stronger gutters and gutters that boast greater longevity will keep your stress levels way down in the future!

Install Gutter Guards in Maryland with Shanco

The specialists at Shanco carry top-class knowledge and skill in handling your gutter guard installation, and boast industry-leading quality in our products! If you with to install gutter guards in your Gaithersburg home, or want to learn more about how Shanco Roofing can help you, contact us online today!