Summertime, while uncomfortable in large doses, often brings our Maryland homeowners some welcome benefits. Sunshine, plenty of events, and a good reason to be more active are all wonderful perks, to be sure. But the summer comes with some unique sources of risk to your home as well. One of the most at-risk areas? Your gutters.

At Shanco, we want to ensure our patrons are well-equipped and ready to handle anything that comes their way! This might mean some roof repair, or even a gutter replacement; but sometimes nothing beats good old fashioned preparation!

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Common Summer Gutter Problems

Many of the issues you might encounter are pretty much the same as you would expect at any other time of the year. But some of these issues are unique to the season, or happen more frequently:
  • Storm damage. The warmer, more moist seasons here in Maryland can generate some pretty mean storms. When you’re well prepared, there’s not much to be concerned about. But after major storms of any type, it’s a good idea to check over your gutters for damage. Even a small problem can develop into a serious issue within two or three good storms, leading to roof leaks or foundation damage.
  • Hail. Chucking a golf ball at your gutters would certainly leave a dent. Think about that ball now, and multiply it by like fifty to one hundred! See the problem? Even small hail falls with enough velocity to scratch, dent, crack, and loosen your gutters. Watch our for obvious damage after hail storms, and if there’s an issue, get it repaired or replace your gutters.
  • Rust. For a combination of reasons, rust is a pretty big issue in the summer. Damage caused by loose debris, hail, or major storms create weak spots in the coating of your gutter, making it much more susceptible to rusting in the dank, humid summer air. Rust is one of those things you need to keep an eye out for, because once it starts, it tends to spread until your gutters are nearly useless. If you have a major rust issue, seek gutter replacement immediately.
  • Clogs. The lush greenery common to summer is sure pretty to look at, but it generates a risk for a clog as well. Falling leaves, branches, seeds, and debris can clog up a gutter in no time, exposing your home and its foundation to severe risk.

Dependable Gutter Replacement in Maryland with Shanco

No matter the service you need, our certified roofing experts are proud to bring you the best solution to meet your needs! We’ve been providing superior quality and service to our consumers for years, and when it comes to gutters, we can ensure your home is more than capable of holding its own this summer season. Contact Shanco today to learn more, or set a date for your gutter replacement service!