If you’ve been toying with the idea of siding replacement in Columbia, MD, the experts at Shanco are here today to tell you that now is the time! Getting your siding needs handled before winter sets in can provide you with a bunch of great benefits that you might sorely miss come the cold snap.

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What’s The Hurry to Replace my Siding?

You might be wondering why replacing your siding is such a big deal, and why winter would even factor into the decision—and that’s a fairly valid question. To many homeowners, siding replacement is simply a matter of aesthetics; a way to increase curb appeal and gussy up your home. But our experts can comfortably tell you that your siding does a lot more than just look pretty. Your siding is an integral portion of your home’s stability and safety, and provides a bunch of home benefits you might not have ever even expected.

What Kind of Benefits?

Siding replacement in Columbia, MD can bring you a lot of great perks that you’ll be thanking yourself for taking advantage of come this winter, including:

  • Insulation. Curbside appeal and home value are great, but they don’t have much to do with winter. What does, however, is your home’s insulation factor. How well insulated your home is will directly and meaningfully impact not only your comfort, but how much you’ll be shelling out to keep your home heated this winter. This can mean significant energy savings and much lower comfort costs this year, and if you get siding installation with Shanco, for many, many years to come!
  • Damage control. You might think you needn’t worry about mold in the winter season. But actually, that’s pretty far removed from the truth. Mold thrives in warm, moist weather, but it can still grow in the winter. And worse yet, even extreme colds won't kill it, so if your old siding is harboring a latent infestation, it will absolutely boom come spring, exposing your home and your lungs to risks of exterior damage.
  • Repair opportunities. A timely siding replacement can even show you trouble areas you didn’t know existed. The only trouble with siding is that many folks consider it a sort of way to put problems out of sight and out of mind, which can leave a lot of damage to walls covered up and never addressed. By seeking siding replacement in Columbia, MD now, you have the opportunity to correct these issues and improve your home’s thermal envelope.

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